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During the outdoor farmer’s market season in Edmonton, our family goes to the South West Edmonton Farmer’s Market weekly. And every time we are there, we HAVE to stop by Cafe Bel-Air’s booth to get popsicles.

I got to know Avinash at the market booth since we saw him every week. Avinash would tell me about how his family would go picking berries in the summer to use for their pops. I was also thrilled to hear about how they had gotten stainless steel molds (not plastic ones!) to make their pops.

I am so thrilled that Cafe Bel-Air pays attention to the ingredients they use, and are so focused on making healthy and amazing tasting pops! My daughter LOVES having these treats and I don’t have to worry about any nasty ingredients. Win-Win!

cafe bel air famous for pops kickstarter juicy green mom canada day pop

Cafe Bel-Air now has a Kickstarter campaign to get their pop truck going! Just imagine a happy healthy pop truck rolling around the streets of Edmonton this summer!

They have some AWESOME deals for a variety of levels of pledges from a $1 contribution for kids to get a pop on Food Truck Fridays, to boxes of pops delivered to your door, to a truck full of pops at your own private event!

cafe bel air famous for pops kickstarter juicy green mom avocado pop

Contribute to Cafe Bel-Air’s Kickstarter campaign now!

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