How to Use YL Virtual Office

Login to the Virtual Office here!


Enter your username and password once you’re on the Virtual Office login page. Once you login, you will have a series of prompts to set up your profile if you haven’t done that yet.


To place an order, you can click on “Quick Order” if you want to place an order and have it shipped right away. If you’re on Essential Rewards, click on “Essential Rewards” to┬ámodify the items in your monthly shipment, and you can also change your shipment date.

If you’re from Canada, you’ll see that the tab at the top of the page has a little Canadian flag. This indicates you’re ordering from the Canadian market.

quick order page

Click on the drop-down beside the Canadian flag “EN” to bring up the USA flag.


When you click on the USA flag, you’ll get a message about ordering from the NFR (Not For Resale) market (Canadians can order from the US market in US Dollars).

not for resale page

You’ll know you’re still in the US (NFR) market because an orange bar will be at the top of the page while you shop.

Not for Resale virtual office

Here’s a little video from Adam Green about how Canadians can order from the US market.

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