ZeroXeno Winter Cleaning Bundle REVIEW

zeroxeno winter cleaning bundle review juicygreenmom
ZeroXeno Winter Cleaning Bundle REVIEW

What does ZeroXeno mean? ZeroXeno was founded with a focus on the problems caused by endocrine disrupting chemicals – such as xenoestrogens (xeno = foreign, meaning estrogens from a foreign source). These endocrine disruptors are used in many skin care, beauty, and cleaning products and wreak havoc with your health. They have been shown to play a role in health problems such as thyroid issues, hormone-sensitive cancers, cysts and fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), obesity, and infertility. Environmental Defence talks about a recent international report that comes down hard on these chemicals – and how we need to get them out of our everyday products NOW.

Bonnie Penner, the founder of ZeroXeno, crafted each of her products as a solution to her own hormone related problems. She has created a line of natural cleaners, and a line of body care products as well.

I had the opportunity to review the ZeroXeno Winter Cleaning Bundle that is available now (along with several other special Christmas bundles as well)! All ZeroXeno cleaners work best when used with a dry cotton cloth. Synthetic microfiber clothes will work but won’t be as effective.

Here’s what comes in the ZeroXeno Winter Cleaning Bundle:

Descaler & Soap Scum RemoverZero Xeno Descaler Soap Scum Natural Remover

This cleaner is safe for use on acrylic tubs, ceramic tile (with a gloss finish), stainless steel and glass shower doors. It is not safe for use on natural stone or etched glass surfaces due to its acidic formulation. Natural stone and etched glass surfaces are porous and will absorb the lower pH solution and can lead to pitting over a long period of time.

I first tried the cleaner on the tub with a microfiber cloth, because that’s what I’m used to. I sprayed it on the tub and let it sit for a few minutes before using a cloth to work on getting off some residue. It did help to loosen up the residue to make it easier to wipe off, though I did still need to use some elbow grease.

When I tried it with a cotton cloth – ta-da – it did work more easily. Imagine that – works better when you follow the instructions!! Even though it seems counter-intuitive to me because I’m used to using microfiber cloths – cotton really does work better with this cleaner!

Glass & Surface Cleaner

Zero Xeno Glass Surface Natural Cleaner

Zero Xeno states that this cleaner is effective on mirrors and windows and is streak-free. They emphasize that you should use cotton cloths (and that these should be laundered without fabric softeners due to the chemical residues left by fabric softeners that can cause streaks).

I’m used to using microfiber cloths for cleaning mirrors, so it was different for me to use a cotton cloth. The instructions on the bottle say to use sparingly – which I discovered is definitely true. When I used too much with the cotton cloth, I found that it left streaks. When I used very little – it was perfectly clean and streak-free. It was great on a glass table too!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Zero Xeno Toilet Bowl Natural Cleaner

The toilet bowl cleaner was easy to squirt under the rim of the toilet bowl, with the shape of the bottle. I let it sit for a few minutes before using a brush to clean, and it cleaned the toilet easily – not a lot of elbow grease needed. The bottle instructions state that you can also leave it to soak on tougher stains overnight. I didn’t need to do this, but I think it would work well because the cleaning solution is pretty thick so the liquid would actually stay where it squirts, and won’t just run down the sides of the toilet bowl.

All in all, the cleaners in the ZeroXeno Winter Cleaning Bundle are great natural alternatives for anyone looking to detox their homes of nasty chemicals. I do like to DIY my own cleaning products, but I certainly know that life can be busy and sometimes you just need something that’s easy to grab and use. ZeroXeno cleaners are definitely a good option!

Tip from Bonnie, the founder of ZeroXeno:

“Natural cleaners work best with cloths made from natural fibers. Cleaners formulated with synthetic ingredients function better with synthetic cloths. Knowing this tidbit is one way to test how natural your cleaners really are.”

That was new information for me! Interesting, right?

What are you favourite green cleaning products?


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(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. ZeroXeno provided me with a Winter Cleaning Bundle to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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