Bedtime eBook: Teelee Tiger’s Good Night

Teelee Tiger's good night ebook cover

Being married to a visual artist means that I take for granted the talent my husband has for drawing. We’ve always talked about writing a children’s book together that would feature his illustrations – and we finally did it! I’m not the best at self-promotion, but I am pretty proud of how our first attempt turned out. And so, I present our first book about the adorable Teelee Tiger!

Teelee Tiger’s Good Night is about a toddler doing all the fun things a toddler can do, and then getting ready for bed. I started writing it when my daughter entered her toddler years, and I loved watching her get excited about learning every new thing. It truly is awe-inspiring to observe a small child do the simplest things and see the looks of wonder and sheer joy on her face.

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My husband draws my daughter as a tiger because that’s her Lunar calendar zodiac animal. She’s grown up watching him draw pictures of her and seeing him illustrate this book was extra-special. Now that she’s a bit older, she insisted on helping him colour the pictures (though of course he had to re-colour after!), so it was really cool to see her take part in the book creation process.

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I hope you enjoy this simple bedtime eBook as much as we enjoyed creating it. It was truly a labour of love – for the love of small children discovering the world everywhere.

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