GUEST POST: Bring New Life to Your Garden by Making it Bee-Friendly

Bring New Life to Your Garden by making it bee-friendly juicygreenmom IG

Today I have a guest post from Budget Direct on how to bring new life to your garden by making it bee-friendly!

The news is full every day with disturbing stories about how human interference is damaging our planet and jeopardizing our natural resources. On the grandest scale, it can be depressing and frustrating to see so much damage being done when there’s so little it seems we can do to counter it. But quite aside from the fact that the little steps we take individually can count up to a worthwhile collective effort, it is also possible to create noticeable changes in your immediate environment – just through the initiatives that you pursue with your own family.

Few such steps can be more rewarding than tailoring your garden for the welfare of the bees. Aggressive industrial agricultural techniques have seriously compromised bee populations around the world, by decimating the wildflowers and other plants that bees use to subsist. The self-defeating consequence of this is that there are less pollinators around to perpetuate the kind of plant life we need for bountiful agricultural crops.

Yet wildflowers and other bee-pleasing plants are easy to cultivate in your garden. The problem is that more fashionable or otherwise appealing flowers have displaced them in our garden centres and in our homes.

bring new life to your garden by making it bee friendly juicygreenmom

Choosing to fill your garden with local plants and flowers is a much better option for the local bees. They have evolved alongside local flowers, and so the species are mutually complementary. Talking to your kids about this and making the right choices next time planting season comes around is a great way to give something back to the bees, and to re-animate your garden with the buzz and the movement of those delightful stripy creatures.

For some ideas on which plants will work best in your area and climate, check out this new guide from Budget Direct, and prepare to buzz back into your neighbourhood!


This past year, I planted some native wildflowers along with my milkweed and sunflowers. My raspberries also attracted lots of bees!

What bee-friendly flowers do you have in your garden?

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