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Here you’ll find all my Favourite Green Things posts, highlighting my favourite green, toxin free, and sustainable brands.

What I REALLY WANT for Mother's Day eco friendly gift ideas juicygreenmom
My favourite local green things 2019 YEG juicygreenmom
Favourite Green Things for 2022 juicygreenmom
my favourite green things for 2017 juicygreenmom
my favourite green things for 2020 juicygreenmom
my favourite indigenous businesses to support juicygreenmom
my favourite green things for 2018 juicygreenmom
my favourite green things 2021 juicygreenmom

The rest of this section contains reviews I’ve done of different products, as well as my favourite places to shop. I’ve tried to organize according to category for easy reference!

Bath & Beauty

My ZERO WASTE Bathroom Essentials juicygreenmom
My DIY Beauty Containers List juicygreenmom
Rocia Cosmetics REVIEW juicygreenmom
Rocky Mountain Soap Company at southgate a truly toxin free store juicygreenmom
Rocky Mountain Soap Company at WEM totally toxin free juicygreenmom
Best Natural Facial Sunscreens juicygreenmom
my favourite toxin free foundations juicygreenmom
My diy skincare supplies list juicygreenmom
FEY cosmetics review FUSION serum juicygreenmom
review earth lab cosmetics juicygreenmom
natural sunscreen protection from the sun and toxic ingredients juicygreenmom
o canada soapworks review and giveaway juicygreenmom
zorah biocosmetiques review juicygreenmom
OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum REVIEW juicygreenmom
Babo Botanicals Oatmilk Calendula lotion REVIEW


Non Toxic Pillows Review of 4 pillows juicygreenmom

Clothing & Accessories

tentree REVIEW_ Sustainable Fashion at its Best
Ungalli Clothing REVIEW sustainable clothing juicygreenmom
hello sunday tote bag review juicygreenmom
mother daughter jewel stainless steel diffuser necklaces juicygreenmom
how to shop second hand clothing like a boss juicygreenmom
wama hemp underwear review juicygreenmom
Pillar Heights Kickstarter for the World's Most Sustainable and Comfortable Bicycle Jersey juicygreenmom
Stainless Steel Diffuser Bracelet REVIEW from Mother Daughter Jewel juicygreenmom
BLENDERZ GARMENT RECYCLERS Solving Textile Waste juicygreenmom delivery box
blenderz garment recyclers redefining textile recyling
sole sustainable footbeds review juicygreenmom
sweet peanut review pajamas for kids juicygreenmom

Food & Kitchen

My Favourite Plastic Free Kitchen Solutions juicygreenmom
litterless lunch must haves for back to school juicygreenmom
life without plastic airtight glass container review juicygreenmom
project straw giveaway juicygreenmom
Why Choose The Organic Box_ REVIEW & INTERVIEW juicygreenmom
My Journey with the Organic Box in Edmonton juicygreenmom
Tega Organic Tea review juicygreenmom
Infinity Jars REVIEW glass jars for every use juicygreenmom
miriam's earthen cookware claypot cooking review
lamose water bottles mugs and tumblers review juicygreenmom
where to buy free range and grass fed meat in edmonton juicygreenmom
clean lunch bag life without plastic kickstarter
ecojarz review juicygreenmom
Awesome mason jar lids from greenmunch juicygreenmom
libre naturals oatmeal cups and granola bars review and giveaway juicygreenmom
eco friendly disposable tableware from greenmunch juicygreenmom
Green Disposable Tableware greenmunch verterra aspenware juicygreenmom
blue copper ranch free range grass fed meat juicygreenmom
sunworks organic farm family farm day juicygreenmom
sunworks farm leaders in organic and humane farming part 1 the farm juicygreenmom
sunworks farm leaders in organic and humane farming part 2 the processing plant juicygreenmom
lamose water bottle review juicygreenmom


FLOR carpet tiles review juicygreenmom
Sustainable Furniture Inspired Home Interiors REVIEW juicygreenmom
Green Holiday Gift Wrapping greenmunch juicygreenmom
The Rogerie rethinking recycled plastic products juicygreenmom
utama spice review nebulizing diffuser body butter and yoga mat spray juicygreenmom
Marmoleum Click Flooring and Farrow & Ball Paint via Carbon Environmental Boutique title image juicygreenmom
sustainable furniture options from f2 furnishings juicygreenmom
Pela REVIEW My Favourite Phone Case and Accessories Brand juicygreenmom
rewaste is diverting plastic from landfills into new products yeg juicygreenmom
Infinity Jars REVIEW glass jars for every use juicygreenmom
Farrow & Ball Review via Carbon Environmental Boutique juicygreenmom
Seventh Generation REVIEW juicygreenmom
Rumidifier REVIEW juicygreenmom
Where to Get Eco Conscious Cut Flowers #YEG juicygreenmom
Recycling at London Drugs big companies going green juicygreenmom


tiny toy co upcycling toys juicygreenmom
Green Toys REVIEW juicygreenmom
Cuddle + Kind handknit dolls that feed children in need juicygreenmom
sweet peanut review pajamas for kids juicygreenmom
Bonjour Handmade eco friendly craft supplies juicygreenmom
diy paper lantern jellyfish for a finding dory party greenmunch juicygreenmom
It's Okay to Bottle Feed and Safe Baby Bottles juicygreenmom
mabels labels save my kids stuff review juicygreenmom
7 Eco Friendly easter ideas juicygreenmom

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