RAVE: LAMOSE Water Bottle Review and Remembering Hunter

lamose water bottle review juicygreenmom

Avoiding plastic in water bottles is tough to do, even with stainless steel and glass options. I like glass but it’s heavy, and usually involves some type of plastic lid. I was using stainless steel S’well bottles that I figured were the best alternative (I love my water ice cold) but they still have plastic in the lid.

And then I happened across LAMOSE. LAMOSE stands for Lake Mountain Sea – and the company’s vision is to “Lead and inspire others to protect nature and ourselves”. I was so excited to find out that LAMOSE bottles contain zero plastic parts! They are vacuum insulated so they keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. The bottles are dishwasher safe and have a lifetime warranty.

The coolest part? You can get your bottle engraved with an image and a name, for a truly personalized bottle, and a perfect gift. They have a book of images you can flip through, but if you want to, you can supply your own image.

Which brings me to remembering Hunter. 5 months ago today, my 5-month old baby nephew was killed in a fire, along with 2 precious puppies. My sister-in-law, his mother Angie, has been through the worst possible imaginable hell. I wanted to give her something that would be a reminder of how much we all love them.

My husband drew a picture of Hunter as a Chocobo (a character from Final Fantasy) with Angie’s 2 puppies in heaven, and Angie told me she was getting the drawing embroidered onto a blanket. When I found out LAMOSE could do custom engravings, I contacted Chen Liu, the COO and Co-founder of LAMOSE, to see if he could engrave it onto a bottle for Angie.

With LAMOSE being a small local business, it means so much to be able to connect with someone like Chen. He was able to engrave the image and Angie’s name onto a bottle for her, and did so as a gift to her. He had seen the news stories about the fire and how Hunter died – and wanted to show his support for her. I was so touched by how caring Chen was! Something like this could only happen with a small local business caring for local people.

lamose water bottle review angie juicygreenmom

Angie loves her bottle, and her parents also got the same drawing engraved onto their own bottles.

My daughter and I got our own bottles before Christmas, and we have been using them daily. LAMOSE water bottles are amazing quality; they’re scratch resistant so they still look brand new. I truly only have good things to say about this bottle – you need to get one for yourself!

lamose all steel water bottles RAAS juicygreenmom

What will you engrave on your LAMOSE water bottle?

(Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. The water bottle for Angie was provided as a gift to her. All opinions expressed are my own.)


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