Pela REVIEW: My Favourite Phone Case and Accessories Brand

Pela REVIEW My Favourite Phone Case and Accessories Brand juicygreenmom

When I heard about Pela making phone cases that are actually biodegradable, I got VERY excited. Phone cases are typically made from plastic – and since EVERYONE has a phone nowadays, and upgrade their phones frequently, just imagine how many phone cases are wasted??

So I got my first Pela case, and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the case, and how well it protected my phone. It isn’t as hard as other cases, it’s more flexible, so it cushioned my phone when it fell, instead of cracking and breaking. I loved the engraved designs they offered as well, like the turtle designs.

I started learning more about Pela, and was thrilled about what I found out. Some highlights:

Pela is a Climate Neutral company. This means that they offset all of the carbon emissions from making and delivering their products. This tells me that they are a company that walks the talk!

Pela is a Certified B Corporation. From the B Corps site:

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

About B Corps

How cool is that??

Pela is a 1% for the Planet member. This means that they donate a portion of their profits to environmental non-profit organizations.

And now – Pela doesn’t JUST make phone cases – they make all kinds of awesome stuff now!


I got Ethos to put into my phone case to protect myself from EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation. I love that it’s so simple to use – no adhesive or anything, it just tucks between your phone and your case! Makes it very easy to switch out between cases as well (important for when you need to wash a case and swap out for another one – I’m also happy with how easy these cases are to clean!).

Canopy Liquid Screen Protector

What? LIQUID screen protector?? Yes! It’s true! The other thing that is so wasteful with phones is the screen protectors! In the past, whenever we got new phones, my husband would not take it out in public without a case and a screen protector. He CANNOT STAND CRACKS in the screen. But then. Sometimes with those adhesive screens, a TINY chip would appear on the edge and it would drive him completely nuts.

I was a bit skeptical about the liquid screen protector at first – because you soak a cloth with the liquid and wipe it on your phone, and then it FUSES MOLECULARLY so you don’t actually see anything!! My husband also was concerned that it would change the colour of the screen and the colours would look funky. I can assure you that the colours do not look funky, and my screen is smooth and completely crackless.

I love that Canopy comes in a glass vial with a cork stopper so there is ZERO plastic waste involved – and there’s enough liquid to cover 3 phones! They do recommend reapplying every 12 months. And if you’re thinking – does it work on a tablet too? Sure it does! Cool, right??

Pela Vision

Yep, sunglasses! For real! I got my Pela sunglasses and was amazed at how comfortable they are – they really feel no different than other sunglasses, except for the fact that they are 100% BIODEGRADABLE!! I love the look of them, and how easy they are to clean. These have become my go-to sunglasses!

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I very rarely take selfies because I’m so self conscious. However, I’m doing it now to show you how much I love @pelacase! It’s no secret that I’ve been using Pela’s compostable phone cases ever since I found out about them – not only are they the only sustainable phone cases out there, they are beautiful and protect my phone from falls! Pictured here you’ll see my newest slim case, with the GRIPLY on it (I love that I can adjust it to be a loop, or flat, and use it to hold my phone, or make a stand for it!). I’m also wearing my @pelavision sunglasses (yes, they makes sunglasses!!) which are ALSO sustainable and functional. Apart from the excellence of the products, I love Pela for being a company that walks the talk. They’re always pushing for change, raising awareness about issues, and helping people find ways to live more sustainability. A brand after my own green heart! ? Shop Pela via the linktree in my bio! #pelaselfie #pelawavemaker #sustainableliving

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In my Instagram above, you’ll also see me holding a Griply – Pela’s version of a phone grip/ring/stand accessory for your phone case! I love how flexible it is, because it stays completely flat when it’s in the flat position, and then I can adjust it however I want to put it around my finger, or use it as a stand when I’m watching videos on my phone. Such an awesome accessory!

Card Holder

If you don’t like to carry your wallet AND your phone, you can get the Pela card holder which sticks to your Pela phone case! It feels buttery smooth and the adhesive sticks really well to the case. It comfortably holds 2 credit cards, 3 is a bit tight.

Pela also carries AirPods cases and smartwatch bands now too! All biodegradable, packaged with ZERO plastic, good for the people and good for the planet. You see why I’m such a huge fan, right?

You can Shop Pela here!

Interested in home composting? You’ll want to check out Pela’s newest innovation, the Lomi home composter!

What are you interested in trying from Pela?

(Disclosure: I am a member of Pela’s brand ambassador program. This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase products via these links, a small percentage of the sale will be given to me at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting!)


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