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Seventh Generation REVIEW juicygreenmom

One thing I do not miss about parenting a younger child is the diapers. My daughter was tough to get out of diapers, I think partly because she is a highly sensitive child (so it took a REALLY LONG JOURNEY). I was over the moon when she finally said she was ready to say goodbye to them. There are a great many issues around green diapering, and whether there are any really “green” disposable diapers. Especially when you consider that big-brand diapers are made with pesticide-treated fibers, and toxic chemicals to dye them white, as well as other chemicals to keep your baby “dry” in their diaper. (Many of these same issues arise with feminine hygiene products.) Seventh Generation is a company that produces a greener alternative for disposable diapers, along with other green products.

I had the opportunity to receive a package of Seventh Generation products to try out, which I shared with a good friend of mine who has a 2-year-old, who we will call Little B. Here’s what we thought of the products.

Seventh Generation Kids Free & Clear Training Pants

These training pants come in sizes 2T-4T, and have no chlorine, fragrances, or petroleum-based lotions. We got Little B the Kids Free & Clear Training Pants in size 2T as she was just a few days shy of her 2nd birthday when she first tried them out. They were super comfortable, and held up really well to getting pulled up and down multiple times – a true training pant that was great for potty training. However, if Little B did happen to poop in the diaper, it was difficult to get the diaper off without making a big smearing mess, as the sides did not tear very easily for quick removal. Little B seemed to be very quickly alerted when she did pee in the diaper and wanted it off right away (as compared to a big-brand “cool sensation” one that didn’t seem to encourage her to want to run to the potty). They were also trialed overnight, even though they aren’t called overnight training pants, and they held up well with no leaks! Rating: 4/5 (If the sides were easier to release, then this rating would be a 5!)

girl with seventh generation training pants

Seventh Generation Baby Free & Clear Wipes

These wipes are unscented (I never really understood why wipes need to be scented in the first place), containing no fragrances, dyes, parabens or phthalates. The flip-top opening is also #5 plastic, which is recyclable in some municipalities. My friend commented that these wipes are really sturdy and don’t tear apart when she pulls them out of the package. She has actually been using them a lot as a hand wipe when they’re on the go because they are very soft and sturdy like a washcloth. Rating: 5/5

Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue

Made from 100% recycled paper (minimum 80% post-consumer), with no chlorine or added chemicals, this is definitely a green choice for bathroom tissue. I found that it was very soft to use (recycled toilet paper has come a long way!) and held up well. I also liked that it comes cleanly off the roll at the very end – the last few sheets aren’t stuck on with tons of glue so I can reuse the rolls for crafts! Rating: 5/5

Seventh Generation Facial Tissue

Like the bathroom tissue, the facial tissue is also made from 100% recycled paper (minimum 80% post-consumer), with no chlorine or added chemicals. I found these tissues to be a bit thinner than other brands I’ve tried, however they still performed well and didn’t fall apart that easily. They are also as soft as the bathroom tissue, so no irritation from them when blowing my nose. Rating: 5/5

Seventh Generation Dishwashing Liquid

This dishwashing liquid is non-toxic, plant-based, biodegradable, with no dyes or synthetic fragrances, and clinically proven to be hypoallergenic. The bottle is also made from 100% recycled plastic. We found that it was great for cutting through grease and getting our dishes clean very easily. My only qualm with this is that it does contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is an ingredient that I typically avoid because it is an irritant. Rating: 3.5/5 because of the SLS ingredient.

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes

These wipes are super sturdy and towel like, much like the baby wipes. They don’t fall apart at all, and are very juicy so you can get a lot wiped down with just one wipe! They really do disinfect and are effective against cold/flu viruses. Thymol is the active ingredient (and I do know that Thyme oil is great for killing bacteria). My only issue with these is that again, they contain sodium lauryl sulfate, like the dishwashing liquid. Rating: 3.5/5 because of the SLS ingredient.


Seventh Generation is going to send one lucky Canadian reader the same prize pack I received for this review (value of $50CAD)! Giveaway open to residents of Canada only.


Did this Seventh Generation review help you decide if you want to try any of their products?

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  1. I’m most interested in trying out the Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes. We’ve been using wipes a lot lately, but haven’t settled on a brand we like yet.

    – amber y

  2. I’ve used the toilet paper before and it is good. I’d like to try their dishwashing liquid. I don’t mind the SLS for dishes and I think it’s good to have a lot of bubbles as then I’ll use less product. If I win I’ll donate the trainning pants to a coworker and hopefully introduce someone else to sustainable products!

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