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Rumidifier REVIEW juicygreenmom

Winter has officially arrived in Edmonton, and along with it is the dry air. I’ve always had a humidifier in my bedroom and in my daughter’s bedroom for sleeping, and definitely notice how dry I feel in the morning if I forget to turn it on. However, conventional humidifiers annoy me with how often and how difficult they are to clean. I started looking at getting a new humidifer for my daughter’s room because I’m worried there’s mold growing in the water tank of her humidifier – and I can’t get into it to clean it out. No amount of vigorous shaking with vinegar clears away the little black spots. Then I found out about the Rumidifier and my prayers were answered!

The Rumidifier is a truly eco-friendly humidifier that fits over any existing heating vent to provide ongoing humidification whenever the heat goes on. This means it takes zero electricity because you don’t need to plug it in! It uses the warm air flow from your central furnace, so there is no extra energy consumption at all. There’s no extra noise and you never have to turn it on and off. And the biggest bonus for me – nothing that needs to be constantly cleaned!

It is super easy to install. I took it out of the box (which is made from recycled paper pulp, and has no plastic packaging at all), and took the vent cover off my existing heat vent. Depending on how big your vent hole is, you either put the unit directly in, or snap off tabs on the bottom to make it fit properly. There is a flexible filter (that is made of wood pulp and therefore is easily biodegradable at the end of its life) that goes in the unit itself, then fill up the 2 water tanks (I used distilled water because we have hard water in Edmonton) – and you’re good to go! I’ve refilled the tanks about once every 2-3 days (with the heat being on a lot since we are in the -15 C range now!). (side note: I had to let my daughter put Hello Kitty stickers on it because it’s replacing her previous Hello Kitty Crane humidifier.)

What I’m thrilled about is how easy it is to clean. It’s recommended that the unit be cleaned at least every 2 months (waaaay better than the weekly clean I was doing on my conventional humidifier!). The base unit can be scrubbed by hand or on the top rack in a dishwasher. If there are hard water deposits, it can be soaked in a 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water solution for half an hour before scrubbing.

The filter is made of natural wood pulp so it does need to be handled carefully. Chemicals like CLR shouldn’t be used as they will damage the filter. Scrubbing, machine washing or wringing will also damage the filter permanently. The filter needs to be laid flat to dry (it shouldn’t be cleaned while still wet!) – then soaked in a 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water solution for half an hour. It should be gently held flat under running cold water to rinse out the vinegar solution, then laid flat to dry again. Once fully dry, the filter is ready to go back into the Rumidifier unit.

I am thrilled with this humidifier. It is so easy to manage, doesn’t use any electricity, and I can check quickly and easily if it needs to be cleaned because there are no tiny parts to get into. I am definitely getting one for my own bedroom!

You can get your own Rumidifier at your local Home Depot, Costco, Canadian Tire, or Home Hardware, or order directly from the Rumidifier site online. It also costs much less than most conventional humidifiers!

And now I’m excited that one lucky reader is going to win a Rumidifier! Rumidifier Home Comforts Inc. has graciously agreed to send one to the winner (you must be a resident of Canada or the US to enter) of this giveaway!
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Good luck!! And remember – don’t humidify – rumidify! 🙂

(Disclosure: Rumidifier Home Comforts Inc. reimbursed me for the cost of one Rumidifier unit to facilitate this Rumidifier review. An additional Rumidifier will be provided to the winner of the giveaway. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.)


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  1. I’ll definitely would install the rumidifier in my bedroom because, I too, wake up feeling very dry.

  2. My goal is to have one of these in each of our sons bedrooms and one for our bedroom too! Such a great product!

  3. My son is sick right now and I am experiencing the same frustrations with conventional humidifiers. I felt terrible having it on all night after I went to empty it in the morning and mold flakes were floating all through the water. And there is no way to clean it well. I guess I will be throwing out the expensive humidifier!

    • I don’t understand why they manufacture conventional humidifiers to be so impossible to clean! I suppose they hope you will just buy a new one??? If you have an eco-station or electronics recycling program in your area, Dana, that is where I took mine!

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