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It’s no secret that I have a constant battle with eczema on my hands – it started shortly after the birth of my daughter and has not resolved since. Because it is on my hands, it’s very difficult to treat – I use my hands for everything! A friend recently told me about a local company out of Canmore that had some eczema-targeted products that she liked (she suffers from the same problem). I got in touch with Lee Ann from O Canada Soapworks and she graciously agreed to doing a review and giveaway of some of her eczema products!

Soothe (Eczema) is a moisturizer balm that glides on easily. I have tried similar moisturizer sticks from Rocky Mountain Soap Company and found that this one glides on smoother and easier. I also found that when I was having a crazy burning itching feeling and couldn’t stop scratching, I could put this on, will myself not to scratch it off, and it would really soothe and calm down the itchy burn. The only problem with it is that if you need to put it on your hands, it doesn’t absorb the same way lotion does, so it will come off onto whatever you touch. However, the relief I got from it was definitely worth it.

Lee Ann sent me 2 soap bars to try. The Carrot-Pumpkin bar was formulated for eczema and other skin conditions. I found that this bar was really mild and non-irritating. It doesn’t have a strong fragrance either, which for me is a plus. This soap definitely did not aggravate my eczema the way other conventional soaps do.

The “Emu” Bar is one of the top-sellers, and after using it, I can definitely see why! Even though it was not specifically formulated for eczema, its anti-inflammatory properties made a huge difference for my hands. When I had over-scratched and my hands were burning or peeling, the Emu Bar definitely soothed instead of stinging. I found the light fragrance of this soap to be calming and pleasant (and normally I only go for unscented products). I would definitely use this soap for everything! My daughter also commented on how pretty it was!

I had the opportunity to ask Lee Ann some questions about O Canada Soapworks:

1. What made you start O Canada Soapworks?

I have been an esthetician for 30 years. 15 years ago I started soap as an experiment and quickly realized my passion for “re-inventing” a bar of soap as a simple beauty solution, with care and research into everything that goes into each one… I loved the challenge of working with different ingredients and what happened when they went into soap! All chemical-free!

2. How do you select your ingredients?

I am constantly checking what’s new and what’s old… tried and tested. Different ethnic groups have relied upon the bounty of the Earth historically, much longer then our country… so I research this. I worked on cruise ships for a few years and learned a lot about different native “butters” and properties. I source ethically produced, pesticide-free ingredients.

3. What are your top tips for people trying to live toxin-free and green?

Keep. It. Simple. If you can’t understand it on the ingredient list, walk away. Don’t believe everything you hear from a manufacturer. They will say anything and print anything to get you to buy. I know many who claim “All Natural” yet aren’t. Mass marketing like a McDonalds: “Tell them enough times and they’ll start to believe it” philosophy. Do not. The bigger the company, the less they care about integrity and the more about profitibility. My background is not marketing and business. It’s skin. Who would you trust with yours? Decide what’s important to you: Cost? Quality? Branding? Be honest with yourself about how a product feels to you and the results.

And now – O Canada Soapworks is offering up a GIVEAWAY package to 1 lucky Canadian reader! The winner will receive everything in the photo: 1 Soothe (Eczema) moisturizing balm, 1 Carrot-Pumpkin soap bar, and 1 “Emu” soap bar. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.

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(Disclosure: O Canada Soapworks provided me with samples of their products to facilitate this post. No other compensation was received. The opinions expressed here are purely my own.)


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  1. I have been suffering from eczema on my elbows for years now! I’d love to try these products.

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