FLOR Carpet Tiles REVIEW

FLOR carpet tiles review juicygreenmom

My basement makeover has been quite an adventure, but in a good way! I’ve already written about the wall and floor paint we used from Farrow & Ball that I got at Carbon Environmental Boutique. I have been super excited to finally get FLOR carpet tiles to finish everything off!

All FLOR carpet tiles are nontoxic, hypoallergenic and meet or exceed standards for low VOCs. They are made from reclaimed and recycled materials, and manufactured in progressive, energy-efficient facilities. Because they are modular, you can move them around, and if you spill something, you only need to clean the tiles that are dirty! I also love that the tiles are recyclable, so if you decide to change things up, return them to FLOR to be recycled into new products!

FLOR carpet tiles pattern juicygreenmom

The staff at Carbon Environmental Boutique were amazing as usual. They helped me narrow down some options and ordered sample carpet tiles for me to take home and look at in our space. I feel so valued shopping at Carbon, because they know me by name, and always keep me updated on when things are expected to come in. Plus, they always follow up to check in on how things are going and whether I need help. Best customer service ever!

I went with the pattern Soft Static in Frost, and decided to alternate the linear pattern to create some contrast. These tiles are Green Label Plus Certified for indoor air quality (no nasty off-gassing!) and made from 65% total recycled content.

So how easy are they to install? SUPER EASY!!! The underside of the FLOR carpet tiles have arrows so you know what direction to place them when creating a pattern.

FLOR carpet tiles juicygreenmom

All you need to do is lay out the tiles, making sure they are snug, and then place the sticky FLOR dots under them. The FLOR dots are clear square stickers that you stick to the underside of the tiles between them to keep them in place.

FLOR DOT carpet tiles juicygreenmom
FLOR carpet tiles basement bedroom juicygreenmom

The tiles are easily cut with a sharp knife to fit around door jambs and such. It took us just a few hours to do our whole basement, and no sweating involved!

FLOR carpet tiles basement toyroom juicygreenmom

I absolutely love how much more sophisticated and gorgeous our playroom/office now looks!

FLOR carpet tiles basement office juicygreenmom

Not to mention the family room is looking pretty stellar also!

FLOR carpet tiles basement family room juicygreenmom

I am absolutely thrilled with the results and even more thrilled with how easy it was to install the FLOR carpet tiles. I also love the fact that if we decide to change up the room configurations, it will be super simple to move the tiles around!

I hope this FLOR carpet tiles review gives you some new eco friendly and non toxic options for your next home project!

Talk to the staff at Carbon Environmental Boutique to find out what will work best for your space and they will be sure to help you get the best results possible!

(Disclosure: I received a small discount on my purchase of FLOR carpet tiles from Carbon Environmental Boutique in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.)


7 Responses

  1. One of my colleagues told me about getting FLOR Carpet Tiles for my new house. I went with his suggestion and the results were astonishingly great so I will be recommending it to others.

    • That is very exciting! I love how easy they are to install and move around – perfect if you’re reconfiguring furniture. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. Hi, I have flor carpet tiles in my dinning as area rug, they have been good and no offgasing I noticed. but looking at adding wall to wall and wondering your thoughts with recycled plastic, I believe they are made of, with babies or pets being on them.

    • Different FLOR tiles are made with different materials, so definitely look at the materials for the ones you are considering. I don’t have a problem with textiles made from recycled plastics as I also have clothing and shoes made from recycled plastics.

  3. I installed a Flor area rug under my dining room table and have found that the glue dots are not holding. My rug has double borders (it came pre-cut) and one of the border sections was poorly cut with shedding edges making installation very difficult. The separating is very disappointing because it means that the rug has to be put back together over and over. I have just discovered others on the Viewpoints website who have had similar problems with the product. Wish I had found that information before I ordered. I am thinking about just sticking it together with carpet tape even though Flor says to only use their glue dots.

    • Have you tried contacting FLOR? I’m pretty sure they would send you more glue dots! I’m not sure about the border sections shedding, though, I would definitely ask them about that!

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