Edmonton Resource for Recycling and Waste

Edmonton Resource for Recycling and Waste juicygreenmom

I am extremely proud to live in Edmonton, which is a world leader in recycling and waste management. The City of Edmonton has some awesome programs and facilities, and there are also many other organizations in Edmonton that offer recycling programs. I’ve tried to put these all together in this Edmonton resource for recycling and waste.

Waste Wise App

The City of Edmonton’s Waste Wise app answers your questions about what goes where (garbage, recycling, eco station, reuse centre) – it’s super easy to use and very informative!

what goes where wastewise app juicygreenmom

Recycling Depots

Edmonton homes have blue bag recycling that gets picked up along with garbage. You can also bring recyclables to recycling depots all over the city. Recycling depots accept paper (including shredded paper, newspaper and magazines), boxes, cardboard, plastic bags, and all recyclable containers, cans and bottles.

Reuse Centre

The City of Edmonton Reuse Centre is a wonderful resource for bringing things in that might otherwise end up in the garbage. They have a long list of accepted items that you should definitely look at to see what you can bring in to be reused. You can also go to the Reuse Centre to pick up all kinds of awesome stuff for repurposing and reusing – get a truckload for $5!

Eco Stations

The City of Edmonton Eco Stations are convenient drop-off locations to bring your electronics and household hazardous waste like paint, batteries and light bulbs, and anything that does not belong in your garbage. You can also take things like car seats and mattresses to the Eco Station.

The City also holds Electronic Waste Collection Events periodically where you can bring in your electronic waste like cell phones, TVs, computers, batteries, etc.

Bottle Depots

There are many bottle depots in Edmonton that will give you money for your empties: cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and drink cartons.

London Drugs

I’ve written about London Drugs a few times because of their commitment to the environment. London Drugs accepts many products for recycling:

  • Electronics
  • Small Appliances
  • Packaging from our products including Styrofoam
  • Plastic Bags
  • Insurance Plastic Folders
  • Alkaline & Rechargeable Batteries
  • Cell Phones
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs & Fluorescent Light Tubes
  • Disposable Cameras
  • Ink jet & Laser Cartridges
  • Metal Film Canisters


Staples & Terracycle have partnered to recycle writing utensils:

  • Any brand of pens & caps
  • Any brand of mechanical pencils
  • Any brand of markers & caps
  • Any brand of highlighters & caps
  • Any brand of permanent markers & caps

You can also recycle the following at Staples:

  • batteries
  • ink/toner cartridges
  • electronics

Staples also has a paper shredding service to allow customers to dispose of their confidential information safely.

Best Buy

Best Buy partners with e-Cycle Solutions and Call2Recycle so you can bring the following in to recycle:

  • Batteries

Large Items: (limit of 2/day)

  • TVs
  • Monitors
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Printers


IKEA accepts the following for recycling:

  • compact fluorescent lights (CFLs)
  • batteries
  • drinks containers
  • cardboard and paper packing

They also have a buy-back program where you can bring in your old IKEA products to be recycled into new ones!

Edmonton Valley Zoo

Edmonton Valley Zoo has partnered with Terracycle to accept the following for recycling:

  • air and home care products
  • cereal bags

Wondering what to do with materials from a home renovation? This guide may be helpful for that.

edmonton resource for recycling and waste juicy green mom

Do you know of any other recycling programs in Edmonton?

(Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.)


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