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I’m so proud to live in Edmonton because of the city’s great work in waste management, recycling, and waste diversion (like the awesome Reuse Centre we have).

Now the City of Edmonton has launched a new waste sorting app called WasteWise. Because it can be confusing to know what goes where (garbage, recycling, eco-station, etc), the new free WasteWise app is designed to help take the confusion out of the process. Edmontonians will also be able to look up their collection schedule, receive important seasonal messages and can even play an interactive waste sorting game. The app is also available on the City of Edmonton’s new website at

From the City of Edmonton:

While we have high participation rates in our recycling programs, we still see contamination in our streams that can cause equipment failure, delays and further contamination, so we can still do better and need the public’s help.

I downloaded the free app and it’s SO easy to use! I’m really excited about how quickly I can search things to figure out what goes where. Here are some screenshots from my phone.

Put in your address and get info on your own garbage and recycling collection.

garbage wastewise app juicygreenmom
recycling wastewise app city of edmonton

The What Goes Where? feature easily allows you to look up absolutely anything!

what goes where wastewise app juicygreenmom

Looked up “plastic wrap” and came up with a quick answer.

plastic wrap wastewise app juicygreenmom

How about foil wrapping paper?

foil wrapping paper wastewise app juicygreenmom

I always wondered if foil wrapping paper was recyclable. Thanks WasteWise! #WasteWiseYEG

The WasteWise game is even fun to play – and educational!

wastewise game app juicygreenmom

Have you tried the City of Edmonton WasteWise App yet?


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