Rave: Mabel’s Labels save my kid’s stuff!

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When my daughter first started going to daycare, one of the challenges was the misplacement of her stuff. I know that it’s pretty much impossible in a daycare setting for random stuff NOT to go missing, so of course a parent tries to do everything possible to prevent that from happening. Certain things are easy to label with a sharpie – but other things are tough.

For the first little while when she was there, she had a little handkerchief sized blankie that she slept with during nap-time, but it had no label on which to write on with a sharpie, and I couldn’t very well write on the fabric and hope it would stay. We lost one of those for sure. I also used a sharpie to write on her water bottle, but it started to come off after a few washes. And then what about clothing that doesn’t have tags to write on? And shoes? Winter boots? I can’t see daycare teachers having the time to dig inside a little boot to look for miniscule initials on a miniscule tag.

Then I heard about Mabel’s Labels. (Wish I’d heard of it a lot sooner!) You can get customized labels directly from their website! Free shipping in Canada and the US with any order, no minimum purchase required.

Back-to-School Combo packs include all the durable, waterproof labels you’ll need to keep everything out of the lost and found. Whether you have a little one going to school or nursery school for the first time, or an older student with more sophisticated taste, Mabel’s Labels has the perfect labels for students of all ages.

We got some of the Sticky Labels (dishwasher & microwave safe, waterproof & UV resistant), as well as the Basic Kits combo pack that includes 8 labels for Shoes (waterproof & UV resistant), 24 Skinny Minis (dishwasher & microwave safe!), 42 Tag Mates (they stick onto a clothing tag and are safe for the washer & dryer), and 2 Bag Tags (that can be put through a zipper hole, waterproof & UV resistant). The only ones I didn’t like as much were the shoe labels that you put inside the shoe – I found that the labels tended to move around a bit and get crooked from my daughter’s foot moving in there. The rest of the labels were great, have stayed in great shape and haven’t come off!

I’m very excited to try out the Scan & Store labels  and App next, where you can use the app on your smartphone to scan the label you put on a bin or box, and store a description and photo of the container! Organizing on a whole new level!

I love labels for everything!

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