5 Green Kids Valentines

5 Green Kids Valentines juicygreenmom

Now that my daughter is in Kindergarten, I’m bracing myself for many years ahead of helping her put together Valentines for all the kids in her class. I remember as a kid making little Valentine’s Day mailboxes in class, and then we’d each go around and put our cards in everyone else’s box. It was exciting and fun to give and receive! But it can also be wasteful, with individually wrapped candies, and mass-produced Valentine’s cards, some of which can’t be recycled because they are super fancy with glitter and metallic coatings.

So here are 5 ideas for green kids Valentines to help you make the day a little easier on the earth (and possibly your wallet too!).

1 – Handmade cards with recycled materials

It’s easy to take paper scraps, cardboard, ribbon, gift bags and wrapping paper you’ve saved and be creative with it! If your house is anything like mine, you probably have lots of things around that have been scribbled on but are in otherwise excellent shape. Make use of those things to make personalized valentines with your child!

2 – Nature-friendly bird-feeding hearts

birdfeeder heart decoration

I love this idea of making little heart-shaped bird feeder decorations! Find the instructions from the National Wildlife Federation blog.

3 – Recycled crayon hearts

crayon heart valentines

Reusing broken crayons my melting them into heart-shaped crayons is such a fun idea. And a great way to keep those crayons out of the landfill (since they don’t break down!).

4 – Recycled bottle cap magnets

recycled bottle cap magnets

Using scrapbook paper scraps or any decorative paper scraps would be perfect for making cute bottle cap magnets! It would be easy to customize and even perhaps add kids names to each one. And it’s a great way to reuse bottle caps that can’t be recycled anyways!

5 – DIY Purifying Spray with free printable

DIY Purifying Spray for Valentine's Day

I made individual purifying spray bottles with my daughter last year for her preschool class and it was a hit. My husband helped us by making an adorable drawing for customized cards (which are in my post as a free printable!). Who doesn’t need something like that in their pocket, purse, or backpack??

What are your green kids Valentines ideas?


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