5 Natural Remedies For When My Family Gets Sick

5 Natural Remedies For When My Family Gets Sick juicygreenmom

It’s inevitable. No matter what you do, at some point, you will get sick with a cold or flu. I recently got hit with a doozy of a cold and was turning to many natural remedies to try to fight it off. Here are the natural remedies I use when my family gets sick – without fail!

(Note: Natural remedies are not a replacement for medical treatment! I still encourage everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and flus, and to seek medical attention when you experience more than regular cold symptoms.)

1. Essential Oils

The whole reason I got into essential oils was because I’d heard about how some oils can be supportive for the immune system. Read more here about specific research proving that some essential oils are truly effective against bacteria. I went a good 4 months between bad colds using my oils during cold and flu season, which for me is a great success, considering how often my child is exposed to bugs!

2. Wet Sock Treatment

I know. This definitely sounds weird. But I decided to try it on all of my family members at one point or another and it does seem to speed up getting through the course of a cold for us! Cold wet socks on, then warm socks on top, then go to bed.

3. Echinacea Plus Elderberry Tea by Traditional Medicinals

I don’t often buy bagged teas anymore, but I really like what Traditional Medicinals has to offer. Echinacea and Elderberry together are a great 1-2-punch for the immune system!

4. Natural Factors Anti-Cold supplement

My mom was the one who pushed this on me after some news came out that Cold FX really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I follow the directions on the bottle, taking a concentrated dose when I first notice cold symptoms, and then tapering off. I say more echinacea certainly can’t hurt when I’m sick!

5. Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Herbal Cough Syrup

I’ve been using this cough syrup since I was a kid, and nothing compares to it. I have tried countless other cough syrups but this one is by far the best for me (not sure how much of a role nostalgia plays, but I really feel it’s the most effective!). It used to be my secret weapon when I performed long shows and needed something to give my voice a boost so I wouldn’t fatigue. The tingly feeling really calms things down when I have an incessant cough. (It’s available at London Drugs, Superstore, and most asian supermarkets as well!)

BONUS: Emergen-C Fizzy Drink Mix

Emergen-C is a great vitamin C supplement to give your immune system a boost. We use it as a preventative when we’re exposed to lots of germy people, and anytime we start feeling a little bit under the weather. It also tastes great, which is a nice bonus!

What are your favourite natural remedies for when you get sick?

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  1. Great tips! I love elderberry when we all get sick, either that so some nice thyme tea with some honey. Will try your other recommendations though 🙂

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