The Rogerie: Rethinking Recycled Plastic Products

The Rogerie rethinking recycled plastic products juicygreenmom

Plastic is still so pervasive in everyday products, it can be daunting to think about finding alternatives for everything! It’s even more daunting when you consider that only 11% of plastic intended for recycling is actually recycled in Canada. The problem with recycling plastic is that it degrades after going through the recycling process, so you really can only recycle it a certain number of times before it’s no longer viable.

BUT!! There are some pretty amazing innovators out there doing cool stuff with plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills and oceans. The Rogerie is one of them!

The Rogerie is based out of Kelowna, BC and founded by Brady and Angela, a married couple dedicated to making truly sustainable products. They take plastic waste like old refrigerators from their local landfill and make it into gorgeously designed recycled plastic products! They break down the plastic and then use a 3D printer to create their products – something I hadn’t come across before. With this process, they’re able to create some pretty stunning designs – everything from soap dishes, cups, and plant pots, to snowflake decorations and countertop composters!

Not only do they make some pretty amazing products, they are very thoughtful about every step of the production to delivery process. They use renewable energy, and there are no waste byproducts in their manufacturing. They will take back old products to be reprocessed again and again, so they’re living a circular economy. They also only use ground shipping and don’t ship overseas, in order to minimize carbon emissions.

Brady and Angela sent me a few items to try out (and I’ve also purchased many of their products on my own!), so I could review them for you!

Kitchen Composter

recycled plastic home composter from the rogerie juicygreenmom

I’ve never seen a kitchen composter that was so stylish, it actually looks like decor on my countertop! Like all The Rogerie products, this is very lightweight, so the body of it may be thinner than you expect. It functions perfectly, though! The design is very clever because they have a carbon filter in the lid to help with reducing odors, and you can easily remove and replace the filter as needed. You can use it as a countertop composter and compost directly in it in your kitchen, or you can use it to hold your compostable stuff to put into a food scraps cart (we have this as part of our waste collection in Edmonton) or your own home compost. I have been using it to hold scraps and peels from produce, or plant clippings, before transferring to my compost bin in my backyard. I typically line it with a paper bag to make the clean up process easier. I’ve found that the carbon filter is EXCELLENT for trapping odour – I used it for several months and left stuff in the bin for a few days with no stink! I’ve heard some people say that plastic countertop compost bins will leach odours from whatever is in it and start to smell, but I haven’t noticed this. Sometimes I do get stains on the inside of the bin that don’t come out entirely, but putting it in the dishwasher eliminates any smells. All in all, I’m very happy with it, and it is an excellent product in both form and function! (You can also purchase this locally in #YEG at Re:Plenish!)

Soap Dish

the rogerie soap dish juicygreenmom

The design on the soap dish is so pretty! It comes in 2 pieces, which makes for easy cleanup, and super functional. I purchased one through my local shop Soap So Co with the intention of taking the inner piece out to fit onto my shower caddy. It works so perfectly! I was having an issue with soap and hair bars falling out of the caddy because of the big spaces between each wire, so putting The Rogerie soap dish insert into it has solved the problem! It still drains water off the bars so they dry between uses, which is great. You can check out my full Zero Waste Bathroom post here!

Stemless Wine Glasses

the rogerie recycled plastic stemless wine glass juicygreenmom

How stylish are these wine glasses? They are dishwasher safe and so lightweight – and you never have to worry about them shattering! I love how sleek they are, and how light they are to carry. I actually have one assigned to my daughter to use as a toothbrush cup in her the bathroom!

Felicity Planter

the rogerie felicity planter juicygreenmom

When I first saw the plant pots from The Rogerie, I knew I HAD to get some. As an avid plant parent, I am always looking for cool planters, and I love that The Rogerie’s planters have a self-watering feature. I have several of their original planter designs, and was very excited to see this Felicity planter, along with many other new designs! The planter is very lightweight and comes in 3 parts, so that you have drainage as well as the self-watering feature. My plants have been loving these planters!

recycled plastic planters from the rogerie juicygreenmom

I purchased some of the original design planters from Re:Plenish in Edmonton.

I am so happy with every product I’ve purchased from The Rogerie! They really combine beautiful design with sustainability in mind – there really are only good things about this Canadian small business!

Guess what? You can get 10% off your purchase from The Rogerie using my code: JUICYGREENROGERIE10 (valid until July 21, 2021)!!

Will you try out a recycled plastic product from The Rogerie?

(Disclosure: I was gifted a kitchen composter, soap dish, 2 stemless wine glasses, and 2″ felicity planter from The Rogerie to faciltate this review. No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own. I have purchased many other products on my own from The Rogerie!)


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