tentree REVIEW: Sustainable Fashion at its Best

tentree REVIEW_ Sustainable Fashion at its Best

If you haven’t heard of tentree yet, you’re missing out! This Canadian company is my absolute favourite sustainable fashion brand. Of course, the most sustainable fashion is secondhand fashion, but if I DO need to purchase something new, tentree is my first go-to. Here’s why:

They plant 10 trees for every item sold.

For real! You even get a tree code with every item that you can enter into their website to track your impact, and find out where your trees are planted!

They use sustainable materials.

Fast fashion uses crappy materials so that your clothes wear out quickly and you have to buy more quickly. Crappy clothes end up in landfills that contribute to the pollution of our environment (not to mention that impact from making those clothes from non-sustainable sources). tentree is transparent about the materials they use, like TENCEL (wood pulp fiber), recycled polyester (from plastic bottles), organic cotton, and hemp.

The clothes are so comfortable.

Not only are the materials sustainable – they feel AMAZING. When I got my husband his first tentree shirt and he compared it to a regular tee from a fast fashion brand, he noticed the difference in the fabric right away. His tentree shirt was the “fancy” tee because of how amazing the fabric is! I love to wear my tentree clothes at home, and out and about, because I just feel good in them!

The clothes are cool!

I always get compliments on my tentree clothes, because they have simple and cool designs. With slogans like “the forest is my friend”, and “planets don’t grow on trees”, they act as a conversation starter to continue raising awareness about the climate crisis. They are also coming out with more and more different designs – way beyond the classic tshirt. I love my tentree summer dresses, and my constellation collection hoodies and shirts (the constellations glow in the dark!).

They walk the talk.

There is a LOT of greenwashing that happens out there – with companies claiming they are doing good for the environment just to sell more stuff. They launched a Climate+ program where you can actually purchase carbon offsets along with your order – because they believe that being carbon neutral isn’t enough to make the difference we need. They range from things as small as offsetting the shipping of your order, to offsetting global emissions of a fast fashion retailer for a day. Each Climate+ package specifies the amount of CO2 being offset by the number of trees planted. tentree also offers limited time products to focus on tree planting in specific areas of the world needing rebuilding – such as Australia after the forest fires.

Some of my Instagram posts about tentree:

tentree is HANDS DOWN my go-to if I’m going to consider buying new clothing. It is truly ethical and sustainable fashion! Check them out!

What’s your favourite sustainable fashion brand?

(Disclosure: I am a tentree ambassador and I participate in their ambassador program. If you make a purchase via one of my links, I receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. No compensation was received for this post.)


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