My DIY Skincare Supplies List

My diy skincare supplies list juicygreenmom

When jumping into starting to DIY your own skincare products, it may seem overwhelming when there are a bunch of ingredients you’re unfamiliar with, and you don’t know where to get them. Over the past year that I’ve started doing this, I have my go-tos for most ingredients and where to get them. So here is my DIY skincare supplies list, and where I get them online.

Liquid Castile Soap

A key ingredient in many cleaning products (both for your body and for your home), I use this in my foaming hand soap, face wash, and sometimes in shampoo. I like to use Dr. Bronner’s or Green Beaver, or in the US from (I’ve also seen it on the shelf in the natural section of Superstore.)

Note: When deciding on what type of oils to use for your skin, you may want to consider the comedogenic ratings of the oils (how likely they are to clog pores and possibly cause acne). Oils are rated on a scale of 0 to 5, where 0 = will not clog pores and 5 = high probability of clogging pores.

Sweet Almond Oil

Comedogenic rating: 2. This mild oil is great to use in essential oil roll-ons as a carrier oil, and I also use it in face moisturizer. It can be a great addition to any lotions, creams, or lip balms you make. I get it from or (I’ve also now seen large containers of it at Costco.)

Avocado Oil

Comedogenic rating: 2. I use this in a lot of the same ways I’d use sweet almond oil (and of course very few people have allergies to it). Available from or

Jojoba Oil

Comedogenic rating: 2. A little more expensive than sweet almond or avocado oil, but known for being wonderful for the skin. I use it in my classic lip balm. Get it at or

Castor Oil

Comedogenic rating: 1. With a thicker consistency, I find this to be great in my lip balm to help lock the moisture in. Available at or

Rosehip Oil

Comedogenic rating: 1. I love this in my face moisturizer. I find it very gentle and not greasy feeling. Get it at or

Argan Oil

Comedogenic rating: 0. I have also used this in my face moisturizer, and many people rave about how awesome it is for the skin (not many oils have a 0 rating)! I get it from or

Vitamin E Oil

This is used to add some natural preservative and also benefit the skin in things like my dry skin relief cream. Many people use it in facial products as well. Available at and

Coconut Oil

Comedogenic rating: 4. I use this in my moisturizing cream and lots of people like it in lip balm or as a facial moisturizer as well. I also use it as a makeup remover. I buy it at Costco, or at or

Vegetable Glycerine

I use this in my face wash and my dry skin relief cream – another common ingredient to help nourish the skin. At and

Witch Hazel

This is the base for my face toner and I love love love it! I get alcohol-free witch hazel from or

Rose Water

I really like this addition to my face wash, and many of my friends agree! Get it at or

Shea Butter

A must for my moisturizing cream or lip balm – soooo moisturizing! From or

Beeswax Pellets

A must for many lip balms, some creams, and solid deodorants, beeswax pellets have lots of uses! Harder to come by online in Canada – I have gotten beeswax from local farmers markets or neighbours who have honeybees in the summer. A select few on do ship to Canada. Many are easily obtained from for Americans.

Rye Flour

This is one of my favourite pH balanced shampoos, though it does sound odd at first! I get it from or

Bentonite Clay

I have yet to try a recipe with this, but I have heard it’s awesome for deodorant, face and hair, as it helps to detoxify. It’s available at or

Epsom Salts

A must for any bath, and handy for scrubs as well! I like to get big tubs from Costco, but of course they are available everywhere! Also at or

What’s on your DIY skincare supply list?

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