Easy DIY face toner and refresher

Easy diy face toner and refresher juicygreenmom

I have to be honest, I stopped using toner when I had a baby – out of sheer laziness. When I started learning about essential oils that could benefit my skin, I decided to revamp start my facial skincare routine. I have found a DIY face wash I love by Sherri from Overthrow Martha, so I decided to make my own easy DIY face toner to complement it.

What you need:

I used a 4ml glass vial, filled it with the witch hazel, then added 1-2 drops of Melrose essential oil. If you’re using a 2 oz bottle (60 ml), I would add 10-15 drops of essential oil. Shake it well before each use so the oil is dispersed. You can use any essential oil of your choice – my favorites for skincare are Melrose, Lavender, and Frankincense.

However, if you feel that making this face toner is not possible for you because you lack the time or ingredients, don’t worry! You can go online, and order a good toner, or any other skincare product for that matter, from sites like Kiana Beauty and similar others. Just because you can’t make a good skincare product, that shouldn’t stop you from getting it elsewhere.

As for me, I have been using this DIY face toner after washing my face, as well as during the day when I’m feeling I need some refreshing. My skin tends to get oily when I’m at work, where the air seems more dry, so a few spritzes of this make it feel much better. Also, in combination with the face wash, it cleared up a rash I had in just a few days (woohoo!).

This is my full DIY Face Care system for under $30.

So easy, right? What do you use as a face toner or refresher?

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    • Hmm, interesting. This seems to be talking about traditional witch hazel, though – the one I use is alcohol-free, and also has aloe added to it. On the EWG Skin Deep database, it has a score of 2 (low hazard).
      Also I’ve been a bit confused by the Paula’s Choice brand because she talks about making sure everything is non-toxic, however some of the ingredients in her products are red flags for me. For example, PEG-100 Stearate (a 3 on the Skin Deep database, in the moderate hazard category) is an ingredient in her Retinol Body Lotion, and I avoid anything with PEG ingredients because they can contain harmful impurities. She also uses dimethicone, which is also a 3, and while it is only a moderate hazard to humans, it is a huge hazard for ocean life.
      I couldn’t get a rating on the Retinol Body Lotion in the Skin Deep database, but Paula’s Choice RESIST Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum (anti-aging) has a score of 4 – moderate hazard.

  1. Toner is very important for skin care. Ice is a best toner for ever. Natural elements are safe for toning for skin. I always prefer natural products for skin care. I like organic face wash & I keep it in my hand bag.I found a site for organic face wash & many tips for our skin care(http://www.bestorganicfacewash.com/) Hope it help you,Thank you for your given tips.

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