My DIY Beauty Containers List

My DIY Beauty Containers List juicygreenmom

I’ve shared my DIY skincare supplies list with ingredients that I use in my DIY beauty products, so it’s only fair that I also share with you where I get the containers I use as well!

I try to use glass as much as possible for my DIYs with essential oils.¬†Infinity Jars are what I consider the gold standard for glass containers because of how thick-walled they are, and how dark they are to protect your products from sunlight. They aren’t really affordable for giving away samples or small gifts, though, so I do use other containers as well. Here’s a run-down on my DIY beauty containers list.

1 – Jars for creams and body butters

Small jars are perfect for my much-needed moisturizing creams (like my DIY luxurious moisturizing cream and DIY dry skin relief cream) and body butter.


2 – Dropper bottles for serums

Serums and face oils like the DIY face moisturizer I love are easiest to use in dropper bottles like these.

Smaller ones like these are great for putting in your bag.

I use these really small ones for my purse, for giving samples for friends to try, and for DIY workshops. Abundant Health in the USA carries them as well, and they ship to Canada too.

4 – Roller bottles

aromaglide roller fitment

My favourite way to make a roller bottle is using Young Living’s roller fitments onto any of my empty essential oils bottles. They are really affordable, and have stainless steel rollers. However, I don’t always have enough empty bottles if I’m doing a workshop, so I sometimes purchase other roller bottles. Infinity Jars roller bottles have a stainless steel roller, which are really nice quality. When I do workshops or give friends custom roll-ons, I get more affordable ones like these.

I have also gotten glass roller bottles before, which are typically a bit cheaper than the stainless steel ones if you’re looking to save money.

If you’re in Canada, Voyageur Soap & Candle has a wide range of roller bottles, including small ones that are great for giving as gifts or samples. In the US, Abundant Health also carries them – I’ve also ordered from Abundant Health as they do ship to Canada.

I love these little mini 2 ml roller bottles for giving away.

5 – Lip balm tubes

Plastic lip balm tubes are not my favourite choice because they usually end up in the garbage, contributing to plastic pollution. However, they are the easiest option and people are used to them. I try to reuse the ones I have in order to lessen my plastic footprint. My daughter and I have given away gingerbread lip balm and chocolate mint lip balm to her school friends with very positive feedback.

I have gotten paperboard tubes to make my moisturizing lip balm, and I do like them. Instead of twisting like the plastic tubes, it has a disc at the bottom that you push up to move the lip balm upwards. They’re becoming much more popular nowadays!

6 – Foamer pumps

I use my local swap page to collect used foaming soap pumps from people so they don’t end up in the garbage, and I can reuse them for my DIY foaming hand soap. If you don’t have old ones to use, you can buy the foamer pumps separately from SKS Bottle & Packaging.

You can also get mini foamer pump containers, which I like for keeping a small travel-sized soap in my bag. In Canada, they’re easy to get from Voyageur Soap & Candle.

Is there anything I missed on my DIY beauty containers list?

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