DIY foaming hand soap & mason jar soap dispenser

DIY mason jar foaming hand soap dispenser juicygreenmom

I was really excited about the possibility of DIY-ing my own foaming hand soap with essential oils. However, I wanted to make sure that I was using glass containers for it, just to be safe – as essential oils can break down plastic and leach from it. It got me thinking about how I could transform a mason jar into a foaming soap dispenser (I just needed to take a pump from an old bottle – back in the days that I bought hand soap). So here is how I did it! I promise that it is super easy!

DIY mason jar foaming hand soap dispenser

Materials needed:

  • mason jar
  • ring and disc
  • plastic lid larger than the ring (e.g. from a yogurt container)
  • foaming soap pump (taken from a soap you had previously – or ask friends if they have any to give away!)
  • scissors
  • marker
  • glue gun (optional)

If you want the pump to be more secure, you can use a glue gun to glue it to the plastic disc. I find that it is perfectly stable without glue, but if you’re worried about it getting knocked over and spilling everywhere, that might be an option. Also, if you’re concerned about the metal ring getting rusty, you could put a layer or two of paint on it to protect it from that.

Note: I’ve had comments from people that depending on the thickness of the plastic your yogurt lid is – it can crack after pressing hard on the foaming pump. To avoid this problem, you can try stacking a few layers of yogurt lids to add more stability. Or, if you are handy, you could drill a hole in a regular mason jar disk!

DIY foaming handsoap recipe

My favourite DIY foaming hand soap recipe is from Sherri from Overthrow Martha. It is so easy to make. (Can you tell I’m all about the EASY way of doing things??) All you need is liquid castile soap, a carrier oil (I used sweet almond oil), and essential oil of your choice! Many essential oils have germ-fighting properties, such as melaleuca, lavender, lemon, Thieves blend, Purification blend and many more.

Here’s a video of my daughter and me mixing it up in our new mason jar foaming handsoap dispenser (we doubled Sherri’s recipe to fill up a 500mL mason jar).

I am so thrilled about how easy this is, and how frugal it is too! I am never buying hand soap again – my daughter loves mixing it with me, and it’s going to save a lot of money in the long run.

Have you tried making your own foaming hand soap?

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