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Green Toys REVIEW juicygreenmom

When I started looking at feeding utensils for my baby, I came across the brand Green Toys, and their yellow spoons made of recycled milk jugs. They are BPA/phthalate/PVC-free, and the perfect size for a baby starting to hold a spoon herself. I was also extremely happy that it came in a set of 8 spoons, or 4 forks and 4 spoons, so I got both sets! Excellent quality and perfect for when my daughter was learning to eat by herself. Now she can use metal cutlery but we still have these around for pretend play.

After discovering the spoons and forks, I started looking at what other stuff Green Toys made… and was overwhelmed and itching with excitement. So many awesome toys! I did manage to get the tool set when they were on sale at Chapters. It was great to have when we were putting together her big girl bed and she could “help” with her own little tools. I really like this set because it also has the name of the tool in big letters on the tool itself! Genius!

If money were no object I would have bought all of these toys for our daughter!! I’m going to use this blog post to pretend a little bit myself…

My daughter is not a very princessy type of girl. Most 3 year olds are into princesses and dresses, but my daughter’s favourite movie is Disney/Pixar’s Cars. So.

A pink and purple dump truck?? Yes please!! A lovely firetruck? A RECYCLING TRUCK? (how can I say no to that??). And every kid needs a school bus.

Sportscar on a flatbed? It’s like Lightning McQueen!!!! And the submarine and seaplane are SO COOL!

An excellent alternative to the Tupperware shape sorter:

Phew! That was a lot of shopping. Obviously you can get Green Toys at You can also get them at Chapters (in-store or online), and I have also seen a few of them in-store at Winners (awesome if you can score them there because they are discounted!). Many other boutique-y stores carry them too – because they’re awesome! And no, no one paid me to promote these, I just love them all on my own. 🙂

I hope this Green Toys review helped you decide if they’re for you!

What Green Toys do you like?

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