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I recently threw my daughter’s 4th birthday party and had to go with my all-time favourite eco-friendly party supply store for disposable tableware – Greenmunch. I have done several reviews of products from Greenmunch (mason jar lids, party supplies here and here, and giftwrap supplies) and am always amazed at how much they have to offer for eco-friendly solutions. Here’s what we used at her party:

Compostable Sugarcane Plates

These plates are made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane fibers, and are completely compostable. We used the large plates for supper, and the smaller plates for dessert. They were very sturdy (not flimsy at all like some paper plates can be). They can be used in the microwave and are grease resistant as well, so they’re extremely versatile (great for storing leftovers that we could heat up and eat the next day). They’re also very budget-friendly (only $14 for a pack of 50) so you don’t need to spend a lot to have sustainable disposable tableware!

Clear Compostable Party Cups

You can’t tell these cups are any different than your average plastic disposable cup, except I thought the bubbles pattern on these were much cuter than those red party cups! These cups are made from 100% renewable resources, made with Ingeo, a plant based plastic, and are compostable and biodegradable. These cups are to be used only with cold drinks which was no problem for us with a summer bash. Permanent marker to write names on them stayed on just fine and the cups are 16 oz – nice and big for guests so they don’t have to keep running to get refills. And at $15 for 50 – again, you aren’t spending a ridiculous amount for an eco-friendly product!


Phantasia Paper Luncheon Napkins

These oxygen bleached tissue napkins printed with waterbased colours are biodegradable and recyclable. Made in Germany, 50% of the pulp used for producing the tissue is recycled pulp, with the balance of pulp coming from sustainable, managed forests in Sweden and Finland. The cellophane packaging is also made from post-consumer waste that is formulated to burn without leaving a residue. I had to get these ones because we had a rainbow theme going for our party – so I was thrilled to see that you can get bright beautiful colours even in eco-friendly napkins. They worked and absorbed just as well as any regular party napkin!

Aspenware Disposable Wooden Cutlery

I’ve reviewed this amazing wooden cutlery for previous events here and here, so suffice it to say – it is awesome and you cannot go wrong at all with it!

I love that I can throw parties using eco-friendly disposable tableware because I don’t feel guilty about easy clean-up.

What will you use at your next party?

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