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Now that my daughter is almost 3 and able to use a glass cup to drink, I wanted to look for other non-plastic alternatives for drinking.

Even though there are lots of straw and sports cups that are BPA-free, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other chemicals in the plastic that can leach into my kid’s drink. Mason Jars are great to use as glass cups – but what if I wanted something that wouldn’t spill so easily, or that I could use with a straw? Enter Greenmunch. I was thrilled to find that they are based out of Sherwood Park, and have a ton of mason jars and different types of lids for drinking (among other eco-friendly dining and home products)! They sent me a sample of some products to test out. Here’s what I got and what I thought:


With a name like that, how can you not love it already? This is a lid you can use with a regular size mason jar (they have them for wide mouth jars as well) – you just replace the disc with CUPPOW and screw it on with the original ring. I tried this lid myself and with my toddler daughter. I used it for drinking tea and thought it worked great. No leaking when drinking, and the raised part for the mouth makes it really easy to sip from. The paper straws from Greenmunch also can fit perfectly into the hole, transforming it into a straw cup! My daughter used it for drinking water and now calls it her “sippy cup”. She’s used to drinking straight from a cup or from a straw, so it took a few tries for her to figure out she was supposed to tilt the jar like a glass to drink out of the hole. Now she loves it and it’s permanently used with the half size mason jar on her bedside table. 


This lid replaces the disc of a regular mason jar lid as well, and turns your mason jar into a straw cup. What I love about it is that it accommodates all kinds of straws, including the paper straws made by Greenmunch, as well as other reusable straws you can get, like glass or stainless steel. Plastic straws are a one-use item that cause a ridiculous amount of waste, especially because they are not usually recycled. I had some stainless steel straws already and they were a perfect fit. This lid was my favourite for my daughter when we’re in the car so she can easily sip from the cup without spilling. In the past we have used other straw cups made of hard plastic, and although the straws are reusable, I worried because my daughter likes to bite them (so what the heck is she ingesting?). This lid with a regular sized mason jar and a stainless steel straw was the perfect combination! (I tried the lid with the paper straws also, and it is definitely functional and makes your mason jar look really cool.)

ReCAP Mason Jar Lid:

I was excited about this lid because of its cap, essentially turning a mason jar into a water bottle. This was my least favourite lid, though, because I found that it did leak a bit. I think it would be fine if you were keeping your glass on your desk at work and didn’t want anything to land in it, but I wouldn’t be putting it in my bag and traveling with it. It is available in regular and wide mouth sizes.

Paper Straws:

Greenmunch Paper Straws

Greenmunch makes paper straws in many different designs – all happy and festive! I was impressed with the sturdiness of these straws, they are definitely not flimsy. I would definitely use these for a party. My only caveat is that they didn’t really survive my daughter’s tendency to bite on straws – however if you’re over the age of 3 and don’t chew straws, these will be just fine for you. 😛 They come in 3 different lengths and you can get them in packs of 25 or in bulk. Just imagine all the single use plastic straws you are replacing in the landfill that don’t decompose and end up in our oceans! also has many other mason jar accessories including a cocktail shaker, a daisy lid to use with straws, and a coin bank lid. They also carry straight lids without discs so you can use your mason jars more easily for storing stuff. In addition to mason jars, they also carry eco-friendly disposable tableware, produce bags, litterless lunch solutions (including reuseable sandwich bags and stainless steel containers), housewares (including wool dryer balls and skincare products), office & art supplies (including glob natural paint), and party & craft supplies (including twine and washi tape). I am very impressed with the selection of products they have available. A local Canadian company doing great things for our environment! Green light for us!

Have you tried accessorizing your mason jars?

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