What I Really Want for Mother’s Day: Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

what i really want for mothers day eco friendly gift ideas juicygreenmom

Mother’s Day comes just before my birthday, and now that I’ve started gardening, the timing of these 2 things take on a very special meaning for me. May, for Edmontonians, is when spring truly begins, and the last few years, Mother’s Day has meant planting something new in the garden with my daughter. Even if your mom isn’t a gardener, there are still eco friendly gift ideas to show her you care. Here’s what I really want for Mother’s Day.


1. Compost.

Is it really weird to ask for nutrient-rich dirt as a gift? I don’t think so! I previously bought compost through a fundraiser for a local animal rescue organization, and my veggies grew beautifully. Compost fundraisers often occur around Mother’s Day – perfect gift for mom to put directly on the garden beds and then enjoy for the entire growing season! I always see signs around town about compost sales, so check your local community boards and I’m sure you’ll find a good source. (In case you’re wondering, yes I do have a composter in my backyard, however it takes a REALLY LONG TIME to make compost in Edmonton because of how long our winters are. My first completed batch took about 3 years. Hence needing to buy compost!)

2. Flowers – but not necessarily the ones you put in a vase.

I know. I love the idea of getting a bouquet of flowers and putting it in a vase too. But then I found out this little tidbit: “Flower growers are actually among the heaviest users of agricultural chemicals, including pesticides that are suspected of being among the most toxic.” (from mercola.com). Some people say they are allergic to flowers, but may actually be reacting to chemical residues on the cut flowers. And if the flowers are from out of the country – there are most likely issues around human rights of the employees of these flower growers (source: onegreenplanet.org). Here’s my post about why you shouldn’t buy cut flowers.

So! Why not get flowers in a pot instead? The plant will stay alive long after the cut flowers die, and depending on what kind you get, it could be a lovely addition to the garden outside, or act as an air purifier inside (see my post about a healthy home environment, including having plants to help clean your indoor air).

If you DO want to get a cut flower bouquet, look for local growers in your area!

3. Cast Iron Bakeware.

If you’ve checked out the Healthy Child guide to a non toxic kitchen, then you know that traditional non-stick bakeware is pretty scary stuff. As I have been experimenting with grain-free recipes (here are my 3 favourite almond flour recipes), I’ve needed to buy a muffin-top pan to make almond flour sandwich buns. Of course the only one I could find was non-stick. Gah! Guess what? I did find a cast iron biscuit pan!

4. Epsom Salt.

Epsom salts are fabulous for relaxing baths, and more recently I have been using them with essential oils for various purposes (including immune boosting). They are also a good source of magnesium if you use lots of it in your bath, which is a common mineral deficiency for people. It’s so easy to make a jar of bath salts with essential oils!

5. Ethical and Organic Apparel.

I am a brand ambassador for TenTree because I absolutely love everything they stand for (they plant 10 trees for every item sold), AND the clothing is such excellent quality, made from organic and recycled materials. They also have Climate+ offset packages so you can purchase carbon offsets directly through them!

And yes, they even make the best face masks! (According to all members of my family!)

6. Diffuser Necklace.

If you want to give a form of jewelry, and provide some therapeutic benefit to your mom at the same time, a diffuser necklace is the perfect combo gift! I would love a diffuser necklace to use with my essential oils when I’m out and about and need something to pick up my mood, or want to ward off airborne viruses. Here’s my review of some beautiful stainless steel ones from the Mother Daughter Jewel Etsy shop.

7. Non Toxic Rain Boots

If I’m going to get out in the garden, I’m going to need some boots, but I really don’t want those toxic ones made of PVC. Bogs boots are apparently PVC free, made of synthetic rubber, and I’ve always wanted to try them since everyone raves about them! Kamik is a Canadian brand (bought winter boots for my daughter that were Kamiks) and they use an Ecologic Rubber they’ve developed, plus their soles are 100% reyclable! Sweet!

8. Eco Informative Books

Some of my favourite resource books are the Ecoholic books by Adria Vasil – awesome Canadian information with no extra fluff – just the cold hard facts. On my “to read” list are:


I hope this provided you with some eco friendly gift ideas – for your mom or anyone special in your life!

What are you giving for Mother’s Day?

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  1. Have you ever tried Norwex products? I think you would love them. I can send you some stuff to try if you’re interested!? They’ve really helped my family to cut out chemicals and eliminate a ton of waste…not to mention made my cleaning routine (with 3 kids!) so much easier!

  2. Great ideas! I particularly am interested in your choices for rain boots and your comments on non-stick cookware. I hadn’t read the Healthy Child guide until now. Thank you for sharing!

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