22 Earth Day Activities and Crafts (and Round-Ups!)

22 Earth Day Activities and Crafts and Roundups juicygreenmom

I love celebrating Earth Day with my daughter, and try to incorporate different activities and crafts to make it fun and green. Here’s a round-up of some awesome Earth Day activities and crafts (as well as links to lots of other round-ups!).

1. Make an Earth Day Craft:

I rounded up some of my favourite Earth Day craft ideas here – lots of variety to choose from! And here is my repurposed birdfeeder craft – a hit with my daughter and birds in our yard!

2. The Lorax themed Earth Day:

The Lorax is a book that many parents recommend as a perfect book for teaching kids about green living. Here are some ideas for celebrating Earth Day around the book theme.

3. Sprouting Seed Activity:

This is a fabulous activity for teaching kids about how roots grow, and how plants start from seeds!

4. Make DIY Garden Markers:

There are so many cool and creative garden markers you can make by reusing and recycling materials.

5. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt:

I did this last year with my daughter and it was so much fun! We collected or took pictures of things that we found on our nature walk.

6. Make a Fairy Garden:

I have seen so many beautiful fairy gardens and am dying to make one with my daughter! So many awesome ideas out there!

7. Make a Bird Nesting Ball:

Help birds make their nests by hanging nesting balls around the yard with materials they can use.

8. Nature Play Ideas:

Red Ted Art has some amazing ideas for teaching concepts along with an appreciation for nature.

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More resources:

17. Activities from EcoKids website

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20. Green School’s Initiative website

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How do you celebrate Earth Day?

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