6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

6 ways to celebrate earth day 2018 juicygreenmom

Every year on Earth Day, I take a “nature walk” with my daughter and we look for cool things we can appreciate about nature. This became a tradition from when she was a wee toddler and I was looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day with her, to instill appreciation of nature and the importance of taking care of our planet. Whether you have children or not, there are so many different ways to celebrate Earth Day, big and small!

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If you haven’t already, check it out! I use the recipes and tips in it ALL THE TIME.

2 – Do a repurposing, upcycling, or earth-themed craft!

DIY Repurposed Bird Feeder Craft

The repurposed birdfeeder craft I made with my daughter lasted a good 3 years in our backyard. You could also make a nesting ball for birds to use, sprout seeds, or make your own little earth. Want more Earth Day crafts?

22 Earth Day Activities & Crafts
Earth Day Crafts

3 – Read an earth-themed book!

10 green kids books for earth day and every day

There are lots of great green kids books for Earth Day, like the ones I’ve listed here. Of course there are also great books for adults too. Here are some of my favourites:

4 – Green your home office!

Is there something in your home office that is less green than you’d like? Maybe you can find a green alternative like a solar keyboard or a speaker made from recycled cardboard.

eco gadgets to green your office fiveonfriday juicygreenmom

5 – Choose a tip to eliminate toxins!

When I was a Queen of Green coach for the David Suzuki Foundation, I learned a lot about toxins that we encounter everyday. Choose a tip from my summary here to tackle the toxins in your life.

6 – Plant some pollinator-friendly seeds!

Bees and pollinators are so important for growing our food. Check out this infographic to learn more about how bees impact our food system.

how bees impact our food system juicygreenmom landscape

For more ways to celebrate Earth Day, I have 5 other ideas here.

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

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