6 Earth Day Crafts

6 earth day crafts juicygreenmom

Earth Day is a day to show how much we love our earth, and I wanted to find some fun (and of course GREEN) ways to celebrate with my daughter. I came across a ton of awesome ideas for Earth Day crafts so I thought I’d compile them for you!

earthday ball

1. Earth Day ball from Meet The Dubiens:

All you need is a ball to cover with tissue paper and glue. (This tutorial uses foam craft balls, but I say re-use a ball you already have that your kid is bored of playing with!)


2. Earth Day globes from Housing a Forest:

Paper Mache an earth, then poke holes to make it into a lit up globe!

ice treasures tutorial (6 of 6)

3. Ice Treasures from Craft Knife:

All you need are some random little toys (I feel like those never stop coming!), water, and a container to freeze it all together. Once frozen, you have yourself a little excavation project!


4. Easy Upside Down Glass Jar Terrarium from 5 orange potatoes:

All you need is a clean glass jar, a bit of potting soil, and some moss & green stuff from outside!

cardboard ball maze

5. Cardboard Ball Maze from A Happy Wanderer:

All you need are some cardboard tubes and a large cardboard backing, and balls! This is also a great thing to use your Earth Day ball in if it’s small enough!


6. DIY Watercolours from Upcycled Dried Out Markers from Crafting a Green World:

If you have a young child, I KNOW you have dried-out markers. Don’t throw them in the garbage – they’ll never decompose! But you can upcycle them into watercolours with this great tutorial! (Or you can bring them to Staples to be recycled via Terracyle!)

What Earth Day crafts or activities will you do to celebrate?


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