5 Ways to Celebrate EARTH DAY

5 Ways to Celebrate EARTH DAY juicygreenmom

Happy Happy Earth Day!

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I love Earth Day! I love it even more with a child because I get to share my love for green living with her.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate Earth Day, and take time to appreciate all the earth offers us!

1 – Go for a walk outside.

Take some time to appreciate the outdoors! My daughter and I go on “nature walks” and it’s become an annual tradition that on Earth Day, we take a little brown paper bag with us to do a nature scavenger hunt. I make a list of things we should look for, and we collect them or take photos of them along our walk (e.g. rock, twig, leaf, clover, ladybug, tree bark, etc). I like this activity because it makes us pay attention to the details of nature around us and zero in on how cool nature can be!

2 – Make something.

Do an earth-friendly craft, like a repurposed birdfeeder, or make something from things you find on your scavenger hunt. Crafts aren’t just for kids – I love making things on my own too! The Earth Day ball from this round-up was really more for me than for my daughter. 🙂

For more Earth Day activities and crafts, check out my roundup of 22 ideas here.

3 – Read about the earth.

If you have kids, there are lots of great books at varying levels to help kids be more aware of environmental issues. My daughter still loves to read The Earth Book by Todd Parr all year round! If you want something for adults, some of my favourites are the Ecoholic books by Adria Vasil.

4 – Plant something.

I am definitely planting something for Earth Day this year because our weather has been so ridiculously warm! There really is nothing better than planting something into the ground and watching it grow – there is so much to marvel at with the growing process. Our earth is pretty awesome that way!

5 – Make a pledge.

Decide on something small you will do this year to benefit the earth. It could be anything like signing up for a mailing list to Environmental Working Group, Environmental Defence, or EcoJustice to stay informed about environmental issues. Or maybe you can make a pledge to refuse plastic disposable straws and carry a reusable one instead (there are great stainless steel or glass nowadays!). Perhaps you could buy a few LED light bulbs to be ready for the next time a light burns out and you are ready with the eco-friendliest alternative. Start a compost pile, designate a space in a closet to collect hazardous waste to bring to an eco-station, or bring back stuff to London Drugs for recycling. All of our little choices add up to make an impact and set an example for green living!

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How will you celebrate Earth Day this year?

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