My 5 Most Used Essential Oils #FiveonFriday

When people find out that I use essential oils, they usually ask “what do you use them for?” My answer: EVERYTHING!

However, it can be overwhelming when you realize that there are hundreds of essential oils and blends out there that you can use for all kinds of things – so where do you start? These are my 5 most used essential oils in my day-to-day. I use way more than these 5 (it was hard to narrow it down to 5!) – but these are the ones I take out most frequently.


1 – Thieves blend

This was what started me using essential oils in the first place. A blend of cinnamon bark, clove, eucalyptus radiata, lemon, and rosemary – it smells like Christmas and makes everyone feel awesome. I use it frequently both as a roll-on (my favourite roll-on recipes here) and diffused into the air. (Here’s my detailed breakdown¬†on how it works.)

2 – DiGize blend

I use this ALL THE TIME as a roll-on – it calms the rumbly grumbles. My daughter will ask for it sometimes, or she will use the KidScents blend (specially diluted and formulated for kids) called TummyGize (she says “DiGize is TummyGize’s daddy.”).

3 – Lavender

We diffuse lavender every night in my daughter’s room before bedtime, and I use it in pretty much all my DIY beauty products.

4 – Frankincense

Those wise men had it right when they brought this to baby Jesus! The scent is earthy and grounding and just opening the bottle and inhaling can help me feel good. I also love to use it in DIY skincare products.

5 –¬†Northern Lights Black Spruce

This is a new essential oil from Young Living’s newest farm in BC! It truly smells like a Christmas tree and I love to diffuse it – makes me feel like I’m in a peaceful forest.


What are some of your most used essential oils?

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