My Favourite Green Things for 2023

my favourite green things for 2023 juicygreenmom

I’m featuring some of my favourite green things from brands I really believe in, and some books I think are essential reading for anyone who cares about the earth!

Soap So Co. Bubble Bath Powder

Bubble bath liquid is something that I occasionally buy in a plastic container, but then Soap So Co made this bubble bath powder! It’s suuuuuper bubbly and comes in a variety of scents. You don’t need much at all to get a perfect bubble bath – just 1-2 tablespoons. They sell them in really colourful packages, or you can get it in bulk at Re:Plenish and refill your own container for a truly waste-free experience. I’m putting some into small jars tied with a ribbon for little gifts!

Jack59 Weekend Edition

jack59 weekend edition juicygreenmom

This is the perfect gift for anyone with hair! A travel size shampoo bar and conditioner bar that fit perfectly in a carrying case that is backyard compostable, meaning it’s completely plastic free. You can get any of the bars in these travel set, and it has drainage holes to help your bars dry out between uses – so you get the most out of them. Jack59 is an amazing Indigenous woman-owned business who got B Corp Certified this year! They truly walk the talk in terms of sustainability.

Little & Lively leggings

little & lively leggings juicygreenmom

I adore the leggings I got from Little & Lively – they have lots of variety for kids in all sizes, and also adult sizes! They’re made out of a super soft bamboo/cotton jersey fabric that is incredibly comfortable as well as durable. So many other leggings wear out quickly at the knees or the crotch, but these hold up beautifully. I’ve purchased them for myself AND my daughter because they’re really excellently made.

Keep Nature Wild Fanny Pack

keep nature wild fanny pack juicygreenmom

This fanny pack is awesome! It is a great size that allows for carrying all the essentials, but isn't overly bulky. It's also made from recycled materials, and Keep Nature Wild picks up one pound of trash for every product sold. Win-Win! My daughter took mine from me and uses it daily for school.

keep nature wild fanny pack

Pela Phone Case Grip

pela phone grip juicygreenmom

Pela makes compostable phone cases and now they have lots of other accessories! I love this phone case grip because it can be adjusted to fit around your fingers, or used as a stand. Extremely versatile, and a great alternative to plastic or metal ones that would end up in a landfill at the end of their lives.

pela phone grip

Cheekbone Beauty Sustain Eyes Pencils

My first order from Cheekbone Beauty was some of their eye pencils - I loved the idea of using them because I'm suuuuper lazy about makeup. Grabbing a pencil and swiping it on my eyelid seems like way less work than opening a compact and using a brush. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and lovely these pencils are, and have now expanded to their eyeliners, and multi-use unify pencils that you can use all over your face!

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Life Without Plastic Stainless Steel Container

life without plastic stainless steel container juicygreenmom

I adore my stainless steel containers from Life Without Plastic because they're totally leakproof. They come in so many sizes and are perfect for freezing food. I always get so many compliments when coworkers see me using them for lunch. I love this large circular one because I can fit a bunch of bagels in it!

life without plastic stainless steel container

The Intersectional Environmentalist book

the intersectional environmentalist book juicygreenmom

Leah Thomas is the originator of the concept of the Intersectional Environmentalist, and she has written such an important book! It provides an introduction to how social justice and environmentalism are intricately connected, with lots of evidence to back it up. A wonderful and fascinating read.

The Climate Book

the climate book juicygreenmom

Greta Thunberg is such a powerhouse and she has created a comprehensive reference with input from so many scientists and experts in this book. A truly important book to be well informed on the issue of climate – which is the greatest threat to humanity.

What other green things would you add to this list?


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