7 Uses for Old Christmas Cards

7 Uses for Old Christmas Cards

I used to be a card hoarder – I kept all the cards I received at birthdays, Christmas, and special occasions in a box. Then as the years went on, I felt bad about throwing them out. Some of them can be recycled, but often cards have embellishments or glitter that can’t be recycled – so they just end up adding to the landfills. Before you start throwing your old cards away, consider giving them new life by reusing them. Here are some of my favourite uses for old Christmas cards.

1. Cut and use as Christmas gift tags. So easy to do – plus you don’t need to buy gift tags anymore!

2. Make new Christmas cards. I love taking elements of different cards and putting them together to make brand new ones!

3. Make upcycled tree ornaments. The tree ornaments I made with my daughter from old Christmas cards turned out beautifully. They’re unique and make great keepsake ornaments. Next I want to make a tree garland similar to the ornaments we made this year!

4. Make other Christmas decor. The sky really is the limit! I’ve seen some really cute wreaths made from circles cut from cards, as well as branches decorated with “leaves” cut from cards. Make a little Christmas village by creating buildings out of cards, or use them to make tabletop Christmas trees. There are more ideas here at the Good Stuff Guide and at Better Homes and Garden.

5. Make gift boxes. I remember doing this in elementary school – and it’s such a great idea! Here are a few examples from Crafty Journal.

6. Turn them into mason jar lids. If you’re giving any DIY gifts like bath salts or sugar scrubs, or anything else in a mason jar, this is the perfect way to dress them up and reuse those cards!

7. If you have young kids, turn them into lacing cards or puzzles! I love these ideas – perfect for a toddler busy bag.

What do you do with your old Christmas cards?


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  1. I can relate! I have boxes of cards etc as far back as my childhood. And I may just continue to keep them..some have letters or notes written on them, and altogether they form a record of who I knew at different times of my life. But I do also like the gift tags idea, because that will get them out of my house, and pass on the love 🙂

    • It’s true – there are some cards or letters I hang on to for the sentimental value! In the name of decluttering, though, I’ve started taking digital photos of things so that I still have the record of it – but then can use the card for something else!

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