DIY mold and mildew buster

DIY Mold and mildew buster juicygreenmom

Cleaning products are one of the first things I changed when I started my journey to go green. Conventional cleaners are full of toxic chemicals that we then breathe in and absorb through our skin. The trouble is that sometimes people complain that green cleaners don’t work as well without the chemicals, or that they’re too expensive. Well! This super easy DIY cleaner is both powerful and frugal!

I originally used this recipe for a mold and mildew buster because that’s what I was battling at the time. I hate how the water in my dish drainer sits there and mildew develops. Thankfully, it wasn’t too much of a build-up and I didn’t have to use a MoldStar Remediation service but if it had spread anymore, I probably would have had to bring the professionals in because mold can be really bad for your health. This combo did a great job of eliminating the mold in my sink without much elbow grease! I use a glass bottle with spray top (Some essential oils are photosensitive and may leach from plastic containers when exposed to sunlight. I like using old pellegrino bottles because most spray tops from other things fit on them!)

Fill half your bottle with vinegar, then top it up with water. For the small 250 ml bottles I add 2 drops of Lemon and 3 drops of Purification. Put the spray top on and shake it up – ready to use! I shake it whenever I use it to make sure that the oils are dispersed in the bottle.

DIY mold and mildew buster with essential oils

I first made this as a mold and mildew buster, but then started using it as an all-purpose cleaner and love the results! For heavy buildup in the bathtub, I sprinkled baking soda on it, sprayed with this mix, and let the baking soda and vinegar react – didn’t take much elbow grease to scrub it off after that! At one point I was so unhappy with the recurring mold in my sink that I actually started to research a few different companies that specialize in mold removal near me. I know one of my friends recently reached out to a restoration and remediation company to tackle the mold damage in her home and they did a fantastic job so I was curious to see whether I would need to get some professional help too but now i have this cleaner, I’m all good!

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What’s your favourite non-toxic cleaner?

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  1. hydrogen peroxide kills mold and is not toxic like bleach. available in 3% strength in the first aid aisle of the drug store, and up to 40% where hair color supplies are sold.

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