LOVE: It’s In the Moments

LOVE_ iT'S IN THE MOMENTS juicygreenmom

I have found that being a mother has increased my anxious, hurriedness about life. It’s hard not to let that happen. There’s always something to attend to, something to get ready for, and when you get those things done, you have to start again. So it’s easy to fall into routines and not pay attention to those moments. You know what I mean – those special moments that you should stop and cherish so that you can treasure their memory forever. Those moments where, if you believe in something divine, you see and experience something divine and miraculous.

Being sick a lot the last little while has forced me to rest. I’ve realized it’s not something I enjoy doing. And it’s not really fun to rest when you’re sick. But I did have to slow down and notice things. There were a few of those moments for me this week.

Seeing my 2 year, 9 month old daughter’s face lit up with joy while dancing and spinning in the rain. 

Looking at the start of my garden and finding flower buds, cherry blossoms, and growing strawberries.

Listening to my daughter having a pretend conversation with her Sesame Street figurines.

The peaceful sound of rain while I was putting plants into containers on the front porch.

An earnest “thank you” from a patient during the work day.

The feeling of anticipation when you open up a new hardcover book.

These are the moments that remind me that life is precious. They remind me that I need to stop and imprint them on my memory.

They make me human, they make me whole.

They show me that love and beauty are in every moment if I choose to see them.

I hope you can take time to pause and enjoy a moment. It will be well worth it.


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