Perfect Easy DIY Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Perfect Easy DIY Gifts for Everyone on Your List juicygreenmom

I never thought I’d love DIY as much as I do now – and the key for me is that any DIY I do has to be SUPER EASY with very little time involved!

These perfect easy DIY gifts are great for everyone on your list. I will be giving them out to friends, family, my daughter’s teachers and group leaders – super easy and super versatile!

Bath Salts & Sugar Scrubs

These are so easy to throw together and customize. All you need are epsom salts, sugar, and a vegetable oil of your choice – and of course some essential oils!

I love Young Living’s blends Deep Relief, PanAway, and StressAway for bath salts.

This year I also tried this recipe for sugar scrubs – orange vanilla – yum! Literally good enough to eat!

DIY orange vanilla sugar scrub young living

Lip Balms

I’ve made gingerbread lip balm, chocolate mint, and a classic moisturizing recipe for lip balm. This year I also played around with a chai lip balm recipe. So fun and easy to make a big batch to give to groups of friends like classmates and co-workers.

Body Butter

I’ve played around with different recipes for body butter, and my skin loving body butter is probably my favourite. There are so many essential oils that are great for your skin, so you can make an infinite number of combinations!

Purifying Spray

My daughter and I made these for valentines for her preschool a few years back, and everyone loves them! So simple to do.

Car Diffusers

It’s easy to make little mini diffusers for your car using porous materials. You can be creative and customize them however you want, too! A wooden clothespin with some felt and decorative stickers or ribbon is perfect to clip onto a vent in your car. (I’ve also seen people use a piece of cork). Pair it with a bottle of Christmas Spirit for an easy gift! I made a diffuser necklace for my daughter with felted wool balls before, and used them to make a diffuser you can hang on your rearview mirror (waaaay better than those air freshener trees, and much less toxic, too!).

What are your favourite easy DIY gifts?


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