Should We Be Scared of Off-Gassing?

should we be scared of off gassing juicygreenmom
infographic where do vocs lurk in your home

Ever since I read Adria Vasil’s book Ecoholic and learned about the dangers of off-gassing, I have been on a mission to try to make our indoor environment healthier. Obviously you can’t change everything in your home, but being aware of what could be off-gassing and making informed choices when you do need to replace something are the takeaway messages for me. Should we be scared of off-gassing? This article and infographic from CustomMade really provide an easy explanation of what off-gassing is, and what you can do to avoid it.


Mattresses and bedroom furniture were a big issue for me when considering how to upgrade my daughter to a big-girl bed. Find out the details on my decisions here.

When I found out about dryer sheets, I was thoroughly disgusted. I have now greened my laundry routine and am much happier about it. I’ve also greened my cleaning products and am now saving my home from off-gassing (and saving money) by DIY-ing most of what I use.

Air fresheners really gross me out – I have trouble breathing near that aisle in the grocery store. I’m not a fan of scents for no reason, but I will diffuse essential oils when I need to!

How do you make decisions around products that might off-gas in your home?

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