World Environment Day: Announcing our London Drugs Green Hero!

world environment day announcing our london drugs green hero juicygreenmom

I’m thrilled to announce the winner of our London Drugs Green Hero contest! We had really strong nominations and I was so impressed with what amazing things people are doing to be Green Heroes.

Our Winner is: Jennifer Martin from Chilliwack, BC! Congratulations, Jennifer!

Here’s what her nomination said in answer to the question: “Name 3 things that make this individual a Green Hero.”

  1. Cloth diapered and breast-fed all five of her kids!
  2. Recycles, composts, up cycles, and reuses almost everything. Her family of 7 only puts out a 1/2 bag of trash every two weeks!
  3. Takes her kids and their friends on hikes 2-3 times a month, where they pick up litter and recycling as they learn about nature.
Jennifer's green family!
Jennifer’s green family!

I had Jennifer answer some questions for me about being a Green Hero. Here’s what she said!

1. Why is being a Green Hero important to you?

Because of all the kids in my life who I’m a role model for. I’m a parent, foster parent, volunteer at my kids’ school, and Cub Scout leader.

2. How do you share with others about living green?

I actively teach my kids, including those I volunteer with, about the three R’s {Reduce, Reuse, Recycle} and how to implement them into everyday life. One of the things I do at my kids’ school is help with the school’s organic garden, teaching kids how things grow and where their food comes from. They’re also learning about composting and healthy diet through this program. Our Cub Scouts also frequently do community cleanups and recycling drives.

3. What are your top 5 tips for green living?

  • Compost kitchen scraps.
  • Start a garden!
  • Don’t use or buy single use/disposable products.
  • Get creative! There are lots of great ideas to reuse everyday items on the internet.
  • Get the kids involved and have fun with it!

Some of the other things our Green Hero nominees are doing:

  • Purchasing used toys and clothing to avoid unnecessary future waste (Angie from Saskatchewan)
  • Volunteering with the David Suzuki Foundation (Stephanie from BC)
  • Implementing recycling programs and energy reduction programs at work (Eva from BC)
  • Running a local fruit rescue organization (Amy from Alberta)
  • Being a Master Composter (Redworm_Mama from Alberta)
  • Reusing to the max (Joveena from Alberta)
  • Making YouTube videos about waste reduction (Suzan from Alberta)

Check out other tips on the R’s for the environment and how to live green on a budget.

Making things better takes more than one Green Hero. It takes a community of everyday Green Heroes. For more information about recycling, green products and how you can make an impact visit What’s the Green Deal?

What is something you do to be a Green Hero?

(Disclosure: This post was sponsored by London Drugs, and London Drugs will be providing the Green Hero winner with the $100 gift card.)


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