Get Toxic Fire Retardants Out of Everyday Products

Get Toxic Fire Retardants out of Everyday Products juicygreenmom

I’ve talked about the dangers of fire retardants in products like mattresses and other foam furniture, as well as in kids’ pajamas and other baby and kid products. These toxic chemicals pose a real health risk, especially to our children. They were some of the key toxins found in the study by Environmental Defence demonstrating that newborn babies are being born pre-polluted.

If you live in the USA, now is the time to take action. Healthy Child Healthy World partnering with Environmental Working Group (EWG) have some great resources.

This is serious stuff. Last year, EWG researchers found more evidence that young children are at much higher risk.

“… scientists at the Environmental Working Group and Duke University detected a biomarker indicating that all 26 children in [their] study had been exposed to a fire retardant called TDCIPP, linked to cancer and endocrine disruption. Their level of exposure was nearly five times the average level found in their mothers. In the most extreme case, a child had 23 times the level of the mother.” – Johanna Congleton, Senior Scientist

Flame retardants are one of the main reasons I decided to do some major research before buying a new couch. They’re also the reason I tried to purge my daughter’s toys of anything with foam (like those fun interlocking foam puzzles? Yeah – thinking about her putting pieces in her mouth as a toddler really makes me cringe.). And the reason that I only buy her organic cotton pajamas, because pretty much all other kids’ pajamas are treated with flame retardants (and they say so on their tags – so read before you buy!).

Read more of Healthy Child Healthy World’s article here.



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