How to Choose Safer Cosmetics via Healthy Child

how to choose safer cosmetics via healthy child juicygreenmom

I talk about it a lot. The toxic chemicals in mainstream body and beauty products. Environmental Defence has been calling for change for a long time now, and there are many resources available that provide a list of ingredients to avoid. Healthy Child has another resource for how to choose safer cosmetics. 


To address some of these points:

I LOVE my DIY Face Care system that is not only toxin-free, but also more frugal than chemically-laden mainstream products.

Products geared for babies can often be just as bad or worse than regular products. Reading ingredients lists are super important for what you buy your kids!

I know a lot of people who don’t like natural sunscreens because they are more cumbersome, and annoyingly white in application. But it really is worth it! These are my top sunscreen picks, and my favourite facial sunscreens.

DIY foaming hand soap was one of the first things I started making myself because it’s SO EASY.

What tip will you focus on to choose safer cosmetics?


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