Safer Kids Toys & Gear: via Healthy Child

Safer Kids Toys & Gear: Healthy Child Healthy World

Healthy Child is a wonderful resource for anyone trying to get rid of toxins in their everyday life. Their Healthy Home Improvement infographic and pregnancy guides are just a few of their free available resources. They had a guide for learning about Safer Toys & Children’s Gear that is sadly no longer available. Some of my takeaways from it:

  • baby gear: pacifiers – natural rubber is your best bet; bottles and food handling – try to go with glass & stainless steel, avoid plastic and melamine, strollers and carseats
  • toys and playthings: launder those stuffies!
  • electronics: remember “distance is your friend” as I’ve learned in my research about wifi
  • dressing up: clothes, accessories, and makeup
  • art supplies: paint, markers, crayons, and clay can all be hazardous!

They’ve also put together this fabulous infographic about where toxics can lurk in art supplies – something that may not ever cross your mind when you’re doing crafts with your kiddos!


What new thing did you learn after looking at these resources?


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