The Road to Healthy Home Improvement, via Healthy Child

the road to healthy home improvement juicygreenmom

This awesome infographic via Healthy Child puts a lot of the information in a neat little package for you about healthy home improvement! You can fix up your home and still avoid toxic chemicals that could be detrimental to your health and the environment. Whichever home improvements you might be after, this could be a possibility. It might be something super small or perhaps a larger renovation – an example of one being a new roof. You can always talk to your local roofing contractors Winston Salem about your queries and discuss the best ways to start a healthy journey and achieve the end result. You can Shop local with materials too to lessen the carbon footprint and to ensure your materials arrive in good condition. This is with any home improvement you choose. Anyway, look below for some ideas to avoid unhealthy home improvement processes.


I know for a fact that I do not dust frequently enough. Eek! Must make that a priority to decrease ingestion of toxic dust by my family!

What grabbed your attention from this infographic?

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