Is Chewing Gum Bad for the Environment?

is chewing gum bad for the environment juicygreenmom

I’m not a gum chewer because of issues with my jaw, so I never really thought about how it could impact the environment. I always thought of it in the category of “food” – but then – it isn’t something we swallow and digest, it ends up in the garbage. So – is chewing gum bad for the environment?

Check out this infographic from CustomMade:

I’m really impressed by the Gumdrop Bin, a UK invention, where people can dispose of their gum and it gets recycled – and the bin is made from recycled gum! How cool is that? Now we just need to bring it over to North America!

I’m also excited to see that there is chicle-based (made from tree sap) gum out there – readily available! So it’s totally biodegraddable! Glee Gum is available in Canada and in the US.

Do you chew gum? Would you try a biodegradable brand?

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4 Responses

  1. Sounds like enough reasons to ban all gum except the biodegradable kinds! Singapore is a very strict country but some of their ideas are good.

    I’ve never been a big gum fan and now I’m glad. Chewing on plastic is gross.

  2. I hate chewing gum. I can’t stand the way other people chew gum (the popping sounds drive me INSANE), so I don’t chew it myself because I don’t want to look or sound as annoying as I find other people when they’re chewing. It’s never really crossed my mind how bad it can be for the environment though, except maybe in fleeting thought. I hope your post helps wake some up to how bad it is to spit that out gum out the car window. Everyone needs to think about how every little thing they do can be so bad for the environment when it’s the same little thing that everyone else does!!!

    • Thanks for your comment – I totally agree with you! I’m sure most people don’t give it a second thought, a tiny piece of chewed up gum could not really be such a big deal. But you’re right – everybody’s chewed up gum put together is a pretty big disgusting disaster!

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