5 Natural Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

5 NATURAL easter egg decorating ideas juicygreenmom

Easter egg decorating is an annual tradition for many, and there are so many ways to do it! Of course, I’m always looking for creative ways to do it without using artificial dyes and plastic decorations that will just add to plastic pollution.

Here are some creative and natural Easter egg decorating ideas that will be awesome for you to do, and awesome for the planet too!

1 – Use leaves and flowers to create designs with natural dyes.

This video from Handy is so cool! I love how creative you can be with using little bits of nature to create different textures and designs. And I also love that they use “dyes” made from vegetables. For another tutorial on this idea, check out Big Sis, Lil Sis. Love it!

2 – Make your own dyes from vegetables at home.

This post has easy directions for making dyes from things like red cabbage, beets, coffee grounds, and turmeric, including how much to use to create different colours. Mommypotamus also has a great tutorial on what colours work best for creating vibrant shades.

3 – Make designs on your eggs with household items.

This post from A Storybook Life has some great ideas like “Grandma’s Quilt Eggs” where you use squares of tissue paper to make a patchwork quilt effect, and “Kaleidoscope Eggs” where you take wax crayon shavings with your hot hard-boiled eggs. Another cool idea is to use rubber bands to wrap around the eggs before dying, or to put different shaped stickers on your eggs before dying.

4 – Make tea infused marble eggs.

Instead of decorating the outside of the eggs, use a tea dye to make a marble effect on hard-boiled eggs without the shell on. Neat!

5 – Skip the dye and get crafty.

Better Homes and Gardens has some great ideas for decorating without using dye. Origami paper, tissue paper, stickers, washi tape, ribbon, and temporary tattoos are all fun ways to dress up your eggs without dye.

What’s your favourite natural Easter egg decorating idea?natural easter egg decorating ideas juicygreenmom landscape


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