Microbeads: tiny toxic killers – #BanTheBead

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The issue of microbeads has been a hot topic in the media lately. Microbeads are found in many facewash and cleansing products (supposedly to help exfoliate your skin), but then are washed down the drain and not filtered out of our waterways. These micro-plastic particles absorb toxic chemicals and then are ingested by marine wildlife. Imagine these poor fish! And what if we eat the fish?? Toxic toxic toxic!

The 5 Gyres Institute has a great infographic explaining the problem. 

Microbeads: Tiny Toxic Killers infographic from 5 gyres #banthebead

What can you do?

  1. Don’t buy products with microbeads.
  2. Take action getting involved and informed via 5 Gyres.
  3. Spread the word! #BanTheBead

It’s disturbing to me that even with so much evidence about how dangerous they are, microbeads are still prominent in our everyday products. We need to get them banned!

UPDATE: In Canada, the government has banned the use of microbeads! Thank you to citizens for speaking out!!



6 Responses

  1. I signed! How were these things ever allowed?, they sure shouldn’t be! It’s so stupid as there’s so many natural exfoliators.

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